Special event insurance (also sometimes called one day event insurance) is a plan that helps to protect your investment, in case there is a certain event, usually a wedding, which you want to be covered against. There are many plans available on the market from reputable insurance companies who can be relied on for their competence and quality service. It is important to compare the various plans offered by these companies to get a suitable one for your needs. It would be unwise to base your choice solely on the price quoted by one insurance company. While they may be cheap, it does not mean that they will be the most suitable insurance plan for your particular event. Event coverage is generally divided into two categories: general liability insurance and special event insurance. General liability insurance is intended to cover medical expenses, property damages, and legal costs, while special event insurance is designed to cover the cost of the event and any potential claims that arise. The best way to get the best event coverage is to compare the different plans offered by different companies, as well as the price, benefits, and limitations, of each of the plans. One can easily determine the amount of coverage required for the event by calculating the following: The coverage amounts provided by event insurers depend on their own established policies. Some insurers may provide coverage for the event itself and for some or all related activities, products, and services, while others may limit the coverage to a specified venue or a specified form of entertainment. It is therefore necessary to read the fine print carefully when purchasing event insurance. Philadelphia insurance companies offer a variety of coverage plans for events such as weddings, debuts, fundraisers, concerts, trade shows, fairs, seminars, recitals, banquets, and lectures. Many of these Philadelphia insurance companies have been in business since more than one hundred years, thus ensuring that they understand all aspects of the business. Event planners and hostesses can benefit from the assistance of a reliable event insurance company, as it helps them plan and implement events successfully. Event insurance helps them stay on top of liability limits, which are ever increasing in the event industry. Most Philadelphia wedding insurance policies cover the wedding party for medical and wedding expenses up to a certain extent. Certain Philadelphia wedding insurance policies may also offer coverage for the personal property of the bride and groom as well as for the use of the wedding car and limousine, and for transportation between the church and reception site. Other wedding insurance policies may offer coverage for honeymooners and caterers, photographers, florists, and limousine drivers. They may also provide coverage for venues and rental cars, personal liability, caterer compensation, venue setup fees, banquet hall hire, band fees, venue setup costs, and show rental, and so on. Philadelphia event insurance for music and dance may help reimburse musicians for lost deposits, unpaid concert dues, and up-front fees for advertisements. It may also help cover up-front fees for hotel stays, tickets, and rentals, venue set up fees, and advertising costs. These policies may help compensate for rehearsal dinners or other special attire rental. Most Philadelphia event insurance companies will allow a specified amount of time for filing claims. Philadelphia event insurance also provides a number of benefits for brides and grooms who book their own wedding dresses, personal, bridal jewelry, and personalized tuxedos. Wedding insurance coverage may help reimburse the cost of rental dresses, personal bridal jewelry, and personalized wedding gowns and suits. It may also cover the cost of personal wedding gifts that have been purchased through the wedding planner or sent as gifts by family members. Philadelphia event insurance has helped many people avoid financial disasters because they’ve taken the time to consider the risks they’re inviting their guests to come and visit. They’ve considered whether or not their venue is big enough, whether or not their caterers are insured, and what type of events and activities they plan to have at their event. As a result, these people have lessened their number of attendees, hired event planners, purchased special event insurance, and have placed limits on their liability. These small actions may end up saving them millions in damages. Even with thousands of dollars in damages, however, it’s possible to get compensated for more if the property damage caused by a fire, flooding, riot, or accident covers more than three million dollars.