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5 Popular Types Of Deep House Music

Deep house music is typically a subgenre of urban house music which glorifies the beat. Deep house usually cooks up a satisfying sonic soup from hip hop, disco, rock, soul, jazz, pop, and classic reggae. Like its earlier precursors, deep house also simmers at least 120 beats per minute. Some of the more prominent labels under the deep house banner are House of Pain, Donnas, and Mojo Mambo.

Deep house music has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity over the last few years. It has crossed over to the United Kingdom and is fast gaining ground as an American favorite. In a word, it’s everywhere these days: radio, television, videos, and websites. One reason for the meteoric rise is the proliferation of electronic music genres. The rise of electronic music genres such as house, techno, dubstep, and techno house helped popularize the deep house music genre.

DJs who specialize in the genre have also contributed to its meteoric rise. Frequently heard on popular radio shows like Hot 99.1, DJ Pauly D and others, Frankie Knuckles and Alex da Kid have made deep house music their specialty. Frankie Knuckles is best known for his “All Star” series on terrestrial radio, which has become an instant hit with radio audiences. Alex Da Kid is well-known as a producer of instructional music for aspiring DJs.

Another factor helping deep house music make its mark on the popular consciousness is the proliferation of online resources dedicated to this genre. There are plenty of electronic music blogs, message boards, discussion forums, and music discussion forums on the internet. These online communities allow fans to communicate and share opinions on topics ranging from music styles to subject matters about the artist, such as their lives or personality. These online communities are invaluable tools for the fan who wants to learn more about their favorite artists. Many of these sites focus on certain subgenres of this genre, such as the edm genre, which covers a wide range of sound effects common to many DJ songs.

Soulful house music often involves samples of other songs. For instance, instead of sampling the sounds of a hip-hop record and playing it at the same time as a soulful rock song, a DJ would play a hip-hop track and a reggae sample at the same time to create a hip hop and reggae blend. In turn, reggae and hip hop have shared producers and DJs, and the two genres have become one and the same. This practice is not unique to either genre; other subgenres of electronic music such as electro-house and techno also have producers and DJs who use samples from their respective genres.

Another subgenre of deep house music is the Chicago house mix. Unlike the soulful variety, this subgenre often includes beats with a faster tempo and an aggressive feel to them. Many artists from this subgenre like 50 cent, P Diddy, J Dilla, etc have created popular mixes that are very popular among listeners. The producers of this type of music are usually from the younger generation of artists. They tend to use samples from hip hop and rap, but will also utilize samples from jazz-funk and even blues.

Finally, another popular form of soulful house music falls somewhere between the jazz chord and the reggae sample. This form tends to be popular amongst both male and female listeners, but it is predominately male. Often, a female singer will add a little bit of soul to the song with a few simple jazz chords and harmonies. Commonly, female vocalists will add a lilting quality to the voice, which is indicative of jazz chords. Other examples of this genre include Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Leona Lewis, Rihanna, and many others.

If you dig deeper, you will be able to find more forms of deep house music. For example, trap music tends to feature a more danceable beat, often one that has been heavily reggae mixed. Classic pop songs often incorporate a heavy dose of reggae into their tracks. Finally, there is the hybrid version of the above-mentioned genres. These tracks tend to be both soulful and pop, featuring female vocals mixed in with the previously mentioned beats.