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5 Simple Steps To Make Bass Music Beats

You cannot turn on a radio or a TV without hearing songs with a cool tune. Most people love to hear these songs because they have a lot of energy and just keep on dancing along with it. The good thing about these songs is that they have a wide range of popularity from pop, hip hop, jazz, R&B, country and gospel music. Music is an expression of emotions through rhythm, melody and harmony. These beats make us want to express ourselves and can have an amazing effect on us.

Dubstep drums is one of the most popular styles of producing cool music. They have been dominating the drum genre for over a decade now. With their high pitched sound and aggressive beat, it is no surprise that this type of music has become one of the most popular styles today. To make your tracks sound amazing, you need to use some bass lines and a heavy bass line with a funky vibe.

A good way to start producing cool music with drums is to start with a simple drum loop. Insert some reverb on the snare to give it a nice layer of depth. Then experiment with a Massive echo on the cymbals. You can try a Massive as a rim hit on the snare or a rim hit on the hi-hat. This will set the tempo of the song.

Next insert a Lazy Susan on the kick drum for some deep space and some energy. Add a Soothing Reverb on the Sine wave on the snare for a soothing atmosphere on the track. Next place a pad on the floor with a tempo variation and a variety of drum loop on it for some groove. Go for some crazy pad placement on the hi-hat for some intense groovy feel on the track. Add some reverb on the bass-line for some serious groove and some great energy on the beat.

Adding vocal chops and licks to your track adds some serious coolness to your new modern synths. Experiment with some double bass notes on the kick drum for some heavy energy on the beat. On the guitar try a couple of note variations on a minor chord to generate some interesting rhythmic bass notes. Experiment with the various chords on the guitar for some great bass lines and a cool music groove on your future bass track.

Some of the biggest funky and groovy bass albums have been recorded using only the most popular music production packages. While popular music albums are definitely great, they are not the best way to make a bass album. The best albums have been recorded with the aid of sequencing packages and digital audio workstations. The sequencer allows you to sequence drum beats, bass lines, vocals and other instruments in the digital world.

Bass tracks often have the problem of being boring and repetitive. To avoid this, experiment with the track by adding a variety of different textures, bass lines and scratches in your track. Try applying distortion on the guitars to generate some nasty wooshing sounds. A simple way to add some funky texture is to sample your favorite funk and reggae songs and put them into a sample pack, which can be used in your track without the need to alter the original track at all.

While working on your track, try applying different effects. Use reverb to build a lowish atmosphere on the drums. Use chorus on the guitars for an irresistible ride through the rhythm section. Use a little bit of delay on the bass lines for some extra bite. You could also experiment with different harmonies in the rhythm to add some interest to your track. A really funky bass line would have a melodic chorus to it that would build the drive to the end of the track.