American National Insurance Company (ANTI) has been established in 1905 and is headquarters in Galveston, Texas. American National Insurance Company also sells annuities and other life insurance products in almost all states except New York. The company’s name was given because it offered insurance policies that were “general” in nature and did not specialize in any one product or area. Today, there are many sub-brands and product lines available from American National Insurance Company.

The main business of American National is the sale of insurance products to individuals, as well as life insurance companies, commercial organizations, government agencies, and certain private individuals. There are more than three hundred insurance companies in the United States, and nearly one hundred million people receive life insurance benefits from American National Life Insurance. Because there is such a variety of products available, ANI offers a policy to meet the needs of just about any financial situation. Some of the many sub-brands include: savings, accident, employer, group, European, kids, term, and catastrophic. One of the most popular products from American National is the Youth discount premium, which provides young adults with affordable rates on insurance as they enter their prime working years.

In addition to Youth discount premiums, American National Life Insurance also offers a variety of other insurance products including: Universal Life Insurance, Variable Universal Life Insurance, and Indexed Strategies. All of these different types of insurance products have different features and benefits. Universal Life Insurance, for example, combines a savings feature with insurance products that are “indefinite” in nature, such as interest and dividends. Variable Universal Life Insurance is a mixture of savings and investing options. On the other hand, Indexed Strategies are investment products with guaranteed returns and growth; however, there is no guarantee when the strategy matures. Regardless of which sub-brand you choose, American National Life Insurance always offers a policy with features that suit your individual needs.

Another of the American National Life Insurance sub-brands is its health insurance division. It offers policies to protect against a number of different diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The insured will receive either a lump sum or monthly payments for this type of policy. The health insurance division of American National Life Insurance was founded in 2021 and is based in Galveston, Texas, United States. Its mission is to “provide quality life insurance and disability income products to people of all ages.”

American National Life Insurance was created by the merger of several other companies, all of which operated in the state of Texas at one point. This conglomerate of companies writing a broad array of insurance products and services and operating in all 50 states had a strong belief in customer loyalty and delivering an experience that would be different from other insurance providers. Today, American National Life Insurance continues to serve millions of customers with a wide variety of insurance products and services including life insurance, disability insurance, and health insurance.

The Universal Life Insurance Company was another of the American National Life Insurance sub-brands, that was founded by a group of financial leaders and policyholders in 1955. The company offers a variety of products from term life insurance to universal life insurance. American National Life Insurance has branches in Wisconsin and Washington D. C., and also offers its insurance products through independent brokers. The company is run by an executive committee, with two seats on the board of directors.

A few of the American National Life Insurance companies operate exclusively online, while others sell their policies and services directly to consumers over the phone. One of the newer American National Life Insurance companies has expanded into the automobile insurance field with the offering of a variety of car insurance policies. American National Life Insurance offers policies for both new and used cars. This company has branches in Michigan, Wisconsin, California, New York, Ohio, and Florida.

Gap Insurance, Incorporated, is another one of the many car insurance companies out there that cater to the younger generation with a variety of insurance products and services. Some of the products offered include auto coverage, boat, and home insurance coverage. It is not uncommon for Gap Insurance agents to offer advice on how to cut costs when it comes to car insurance coverage, but this is not an authorized service and is only offered by Gap Insurance, inc.