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A List Of directors By Name Who Have Made Amazing Movies

Stanley Kubricks has been nominated for an Academy Award for his contribution to the world of film. He is most well known as one of the main directors of photography for Stanley Kubricks studios. He also served as an assistant to the director, cut his hair and even designed the costume for Stanley. This article covers his early work with this company.

Although we usually think of Stanley Kubricks as being obsessed with sci-fi, he actually worked on a number of non-scientific films during his career at ILM. One of these films was the classic science fiction action picture, ‘Starry Night’. Starring alongside George C. Scott, this was Kubricks first major production in which he did not direct. He also worked as a production assistant to the director, cut his hair and designed the costume for Stanley Kubricks.

Two films that rank among his better films are either clockwork orange and lovable losers, which he wrote, starred in and produced with Douglas Clift. Both of these films achieved success worldwide and were later turned into classic films with some great Academy Award nominations. The movie that most people remember from these two movies is ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’. Other notable films included ‘The Man Who Played With Dogs’,’Kittyoke’ and ‘Starry Night’.

Once Kubricks left Hollywood, he set up shop in London and began to make another type of film, a war film theory that mirrored his earlier science fiction genre works. He would then go on to direct four more films in the genre including ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’, ‘adersons’, ‘Unforgiven’ and his last major film ‘psycho’. Of the four, the best of his war films is perhaps ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’. Although it was not a hit with the public, it did achieve an Oscar nomination and was one of the best war films ever made.

It was then that Kubricks decided to make a mainstream film with a twist. Instead of following the template set by the previous science fiction movies, he picked a different premise and worked with writer Arthur C. Clarke to create a story centered on a team of terrorists. The result was a classic psychological thriller/action film starring James Bond. Kubricks and Clarke were able to successfully create a dark and complex character in Bond. It was a huge success and remains one of the best films ever made.

As the decades wore on, many of Kubricks best films were overlooked by the American public. Some of his films were even forgotten entirely. However, with the release of ‘Gaslight’ in 2021, his reputation as an American director once again received a huge boost. This film was based on the true story of two young college students who planned to rob the bank. However, they were arrested and transported to an underground facility for the criminally insane. This film was a box office hit and was produced by Oscars Award-winning director Steven Spielberg and starred Ben Kingsley and Tobey Maguire.

In the years since its release, Kubrick has also produced two more films. ‘Man on the Moon’ is arguably one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. It featured a unique format that was innovative at the time and still is to this day. ‘I, Robot’ follows the plot of a lonely Artificial Intelligent android who travels around in a present day USA. This film stars Will Smith and Morgan Freeman. No doubt, with these names attached to top notch projects, it is safe to assume that we are in for a very exciting new era in science fiction films.

Although all of these films are fantastic and I would definitely recommend them. One movie that I feel deserves to be mentioned though is “clips” from England – The Heart Mender”. This film depicts the true nature of the social aspects of our society in the last decade and is truly a hilarious comedy. No matter what type of movies you prefer, no matter how many features you wish you could include in a list of directors, if you have never seen “clips”, I highly recommend it.