bride of chucky

A Look at the History of Bride of Chucky

“Bridget Jones: The Wedding Singer” is a fast paced, suspenseful film filled with thrilling action sequences and memorable characters. After being brutally murdered by the local police, evil killer doll Chucky (Bradley Dourif), now revived by Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), is transported back to his creepy doll house by his dying father. Following an argument, Chucky murders Tiffany and transfers his soul to a bride doll in order to find the magical enchanted item that will restore him to life.

Once he finds the talisman, Chucky must travel through many strange tunnels searching for the mystical amulet. Along the way he discovers the dark secret that leads him directly to the bride doll and the heart of evil. Chucky finally finds the amulet and touches it, which instantly teleports him back to the past. He reunites with his daughter and son and the three of them battle each other while battling the evil witch Tiffany. Eventually, Tiffany flees after injuring Chucky, and he kills her self to prevent any more trouble. However, before leaving, she drops the priceless ring that Chucky had hidden earlier.

When the evil mastermind, Tiffany, intends on killing the bride, Chucky must foil her plans once and for all. He does this by freeing the evil slasher named Slasher (John Tutturro) who now has a desire to marry the bride. However, the newlyweds themselves have just hired a killer, Tiffany (Tina Majorino), to kill the bride and the groom. When they return to the mansion where the wedding is taking place, they are captured by Tiffany’s new bride-to-be and her maniac followers.

Once inside the house, the Bride of Chucky is immediately taken by surprise when his old friend, the blond girl named Faith (Dweyne MacKenzie), seduces him. Although Faith seems genuinely interested in his work, Chucky knows that she is after the jeweled tiara that he has. The Bride of Chucky then tracks down Tiffany, who is being held prisoner in the master’s room. Inside the room, Tiffany tricks the Bride of Chucky into helping her steal the jewel from the vault. Tiffany forces Chucky to kneel in front of a machine which grinds the gold into dust, is forcing him to drink the mercury-laced potion, which will turn him into the Bride of Chucky.

The Bride of Chucky then teams up with the evil jewel thief named Jacob (James Belushi), who also happens to be married to Tiffany’s mother. In order to save Tiffany and stop the villains, the Bride of Chucky must first traverse through a series of obstacles on her way to safety, including a pair of tunnels he accidentally built for her in the first place, Tiffany’s wicked stepmother, and Tiffany’s equally evil aunt. As one would expect, everything works out in the end, and Tiffany ends up getting her jewel, just as her father had planned. The final scenes show the happy couple walking down the isle of sand into the Bahamas. As they say, “The curse is broken.”

The fifth and final entry into the cult of Bride of Chucky is David Hasselhoff as the voice of the character. While not actually appearing in the film, Hasselhoff does appear as the irrepressible human magnet that anchors the movie to the heart of its audience. The film’s most endearing and charming character is ultimately revealed to be David Hasselhoff, whose performance as the Bride of Chucky allows him to escape the confines of a comedic role and take on an altogether different character. Hasselhoff’s presence as the voice of Chucky allows him to create a character whose lovable nature and humorous mischievous makes him one of the most recognizable of all of the Jack Sparrows.

There are a number of stories surrounding the creation of Bride of Chucky. The most commonly known version of events centers on the marriage of Elizabeth Swashbuckler (Sandra Oh), daughter of an affluent family, and the unhappy man of the same name. When her parents die, and she marries a young Chinese restaurant owner, their marriage becomes a nightmare for both of them, as the restaurant burns down during a thunderstorm. In an effort to save their daughter, Elizabeth creates a plan to draw her dead father back to life, and they team up again with Dr. Merchant (voiced by David Kretch) to complete the final plan. However, events further complicate the situation when Jack Sparrow (Robert Carlyle) arrives on the scene and uses his newfound skills to help rescue Elizabeth, thwarting the evil pirates.

Regardless of which version of events takes place in Bride of Chucky, or even if you view the film from the standpoint of both versions of events, you will certainly find that Bride of Chucky is a hugely entertaining and well-written film that leaves you with a smile on your face long after the end of the film rolls. Jennifer Aniston, who plays the lead role of Mary Shrieve, is simply fantastic in this film, and the musical numbers are just as fun to watch as they are to listen to. Of course, the real star of the show is David Kretch, who plays the perpetually scheming villain, Chucky. His portrayal of this diabolical character is one of the best of all the original films of the series and seeing as how this is the last film to be featuring the character, it would make perfect sense to hear Kretch talk about the meaning of Christmas in 5 years.