The Copper Queen is a ninety-minute long film directed by Bernardo Donaccetti and starring Vera Tieger as the titular Queen. It was released on June 7th, 2021. The film has been praised by critics, and many have described it as a “compelling and emotional portrait of the tumultuous life of Queen Elizabeth II”. The Copper Queen features an all-star cast that includes Edie Falco, Laura Linney, Yaya Jaimes, Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Christopher Walken, and Donaccetti. The film was produced by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and distributed by Disney studios Home Entertainment. The film has received warm reviews from both mainstream and Internet review sites.

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The following film listed below is in alphabetical order. Queen of the Siberian Husband: Paul Bettany Stars alongside Anna Pinnick as the lead role, The Queen of the Siberian Husband follows the titular character as he takes on a task of rebuilding England’s tarnished reputation in the Far East. The film will be directed by Paul Bettany and starring Yaya Jaimes, Natalie Portman, Edie Falco, and Chris Pine. Slumdog Millionaire: Director Tom Hooper and Starring Idris Elba, Alexander Fleming, and Al Pacino are expecting to begin principal photography in the next month. Slumdog Millionaire is currently on track to begin shooting in late January or early February, 2021.

The Rainmaker (aka The Stringer) is slated to begin principal photography in early December, according to The Wrap. Principal photography on this film will be overseen by Greg Berlanti, who is set to produce and star as an executive producer along with Mara Leverington, Meryl Streep, and Russell Simmons. The Wrap reports that filming will take place in Morocco, India, and London.

Disney and Dreamworks are also considering a remake of Beauty and the Beast, the 2021 animated film that was co-directed by Tim Burton. No specific release date has been given for the Beauty and the Beast project, which could be delayed until after the New Year. The premise for the movie is that Beast, a young man created by a fairy, must escape from an ancient castle to find a new life on earth. No further details have been provided, but during the past few months, several film cast members such as Jude Law and Matt Damon have been spotted in a number of different locations in London.

In late January, The Princess and the Frog will debut in theaters. The original cast includes Helena Bonham Carter as Belle, Dan Butler as Beast, Ewan McGregor as Cogburn, Morgan Freeman as Jafar, and Steve McQueen as Triton. The Princess and the Frog are expecting to have a modest $5 million budget, which will be made up primarily from a combination of advertising and pay-per-view purchases. One thing that is certain is that audiences are extremely positive toward the film. It has drawn comparisons to the early Disney movies of decades past, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as the animated feature A Bug’s Life.

In late February, the Academy Awards will be presented at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Two movies that are making their bid for Oscar recognition are The Jungle Book and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Both films have strong support from the critics and audience members, who have praised both movies for their visual quality as well as their storytelling. The movie The Jungle Book is expected to receive the best sound and picture award at the Oscars, which will add to its Oscar buzz.

John Hamm as Ham with John Lithgow as Lithgow in King John. Following up on the successful bow of Beauty and the Beast, Disney is once again attempting to bring a classic story to the big screen in the form of the animated comedy/ Drama, King John. The film adaptation of the book was first announced in February, and if the trailers and pictures are anything to go by, we could be looking at a Best Picture Oscar contender very soon.

Feuding between John Lithgow and Emi Mann, the two stars of the film are set to face off in the lead role. This isn’t the only collaboration between the two. This film also features Anna Kournikova as the villainess, while Noah Rutsler and Morgan Freeman take the roles of the lion and the hare respectively. The cast also includes Morgan Freeman as a character referred to as the Big Bad, which features the voices of Russell Crowder, Jason Segal, Tim Burton, Chris Crocker, and more. Expect to see a lot more from Queen during the coming year and beyond!