Since last year’s Alice in Wonderland movie, Through the Looking Glass, Alice is finally the long awaited sequel to the film. Most of the main cast has returned, including Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter playing the Red Queen, and Alan Rickman playing the Cabbala. In addition to these leads, there is a host of new faces, such as Owen Wilson as Wanda, Dan Butler as Fluffykins, Rose Byrne as Darling, Emoryses Lewis-GBavor as the Queen of Hearts, and Jack Nicholson as Kuzo, among others. However, one important addition is that of Helena Bonham Carter’s character of Alice. Alice is a Queen who was described in the book as “a dark sultry lady, with eyes like dark holes”. In the film, it is revealed that Alice was only six when her mother died, which prompts her to go into Wonderland to get help from Bob the Rat, who happens to be the same person that took her to the White Rabbithole in the previous film.

Although it is unclear why Alice would be visiting Wonderland, one thing that is certain is that she wanted to get out of the old office, where she felt trapped. It is then shown that through the looking glass, Alice finds herself at a hotel in the center of wonderland, which is visited by a few other characters as well. After touring the various rooms, Alice makes her way through the looking glass toward the elevator that takes her to the top of the mountain. During this journey, Alice sees the Red Queen who is the ruler of this kingdom.

As the credits run the course of the screen, a flash of footage appears on the screen that shows Alice and the Red Queen in their familiar sitting positions, looking down over the mountain. The footage pans down and reveals that there is another castle beneath the looking-glass where Alice is shown going through the looking-glass door. This leads into a battle scene between the good Queen and the evil Queen who are locked in a struggle. During this fight, the two are shown flying through the air and smashing plenty of objects along the way. This footage showcases just how intense the fights in Alice Through the Looking Glass are.

Throughout the film, we learn more about the history of both the Red Queen and the White Queen. We see that the queen that appeared in Alice was the original Queen that visited Wonderland. However, the original Alice was transformed into the mia wasikowska that we know of today, as she went through the looking glass and became the lovely Queen that we know and love.

The second part of the film follows Alice, as she goes through Wonderland once again. But this time, the queen that Alice fell in love with backs away, leaving Alice to handle the situation herself. As she does, she meets the White Rabbit (voiced by Henry Belridge). The two become friends and, with the help of the Cheshire Cat, they escape from the castle. They return, however, and Alice gets stuck in a time portal where she must prevent the Cheshire Cat from stealing the bottle of lamp oil. The TV movie closes with the Cheshire Cat, locking himself in the bottle of lamp oil and disappears.

The third part focuses on the relationship of the white knight and the queen. After the white knight falls in love with Alice (although she rejects him), the queen attempts to break the magic spell that makes her appear in front of the knight. After this happens, the queen makes the knight promise never to turn back, but as they’re talking, the knight pulls a knife and kills the queen. Alice realizes that if she does not win the war against the Cheshire Cat, then she will have no choice but to give up her quest, but with the help of her new knight, Alice realizes that there is still hope.

All throughout the movie, the characters are drawn from some of Alice’s childhood memories. When the red queen steals Alice’s pearls, she uses them to make another set of fake pearls. Eventually, the real ones are found and they become the object of desire of the white queen. The white queen then makes the real pearls disappear when the Cheshire Cat tries to break a mirror that reflects the scene before her.

I enjoyed this movie. Although it is not exactly a happy ending, I found it to be a good and fun movie. I hope that audiences who watched the first film will enjoy this sequel even more because I did. I would definitely recommend watching the wonderland movie alongside the first one and it will give you the same great experience that you had when you first watched it.