American Pie is a 1980 comedy film directed by Steve McQueen. It was the first of the Steve McQueen movies to be produced in Hollywood. The storyline follows the life of the title character, escaped convicts who end up living in a trailer home with his cousin and another man. There he becomes the butler, cook and valet. As he enjoys the luxury of his new life he longs for what used to be – the American dream.

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The movie is notable for its memorable songs. One of them is “igo oto” which sounds like it could have been made popular by an AC/DC song. The other is “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” which is about a person that finds dead bodies in the middle of the road. A slower paced version of this song can also be found as an instrumental in the video for the song, which you’ll find available on most video sharing websites these days.

The plot of the movie centers around a string of unfortunate events that cause the butler (normal) to lose his job. He ends up sleeping on the couch and getting drunk in the house. He then engages in a series of bizarre activities including having sex in a car trunk, selling drugs and killing innocent farm animals. Eventually, his cousin arrives and tells him about an old radio show called “The Price is Right.” He then decides to join and end up winning the million dollars.

The movie (and the name) are taken from the famous nursery rhyme “A penny saved is a penny earned.” In the case of American Pie, a penny saved translates into $1.75 million by the end of the movie (not too shabby). However, things don’t go the way everyone expects. Things go very wrong pretty quickly.

If you like your movies tense and fast paced, then American Pie is perfect for you. The storyline is full of fast paced action scenes, lots of mud slinging and shootouts. The only thing you may wish for (other than a Michael Jackson theme) is for it to end with a spectacular display of gun battle. The shootouts go so well that by the end of the movie, the audience is left craving for more gun fights. Oh, and did we mention the butler?

The cast is absolutely great. Everyone involved from the director to the actors did a magnificent job. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in such a hilarious and fabulous story? Well, just about everybody! Forget American Pie and hook yourself up with this one!

There were plenty of memorable and interesting moments throughout the movie. For example, what happened between Marlon Brando’s character and Joe DiMaggio? Also, what is it about this particular butler that he loves so much? And what if Nick Cave had made a second and third film version of American Pie? We all know the answer.

American Pie is a classic. No matter how long you’ve been a movie fan, you’ll find nothing this entertaining. If you haven’t seen it, make it a definite must-see movie in your life.

When I was watching the movie at home, I had the television next to my bed. It became obvious to me right away that American Pie is the perfect film to share with your kids when they’re growing up. They’ll have fun, they’ll learn, and they’ll take pride in watching it over again! A lot of movies take a lot of time to grow old and this one has a fast pace and appeals to everyone – from the youngest to the oldest! And you can definitely relate to it too.

It’s actually quite an easy film to watch. It’s filled with hilarity from beginning to end. The characters themselves are so likeable that you can’t help but root for them. They’re just like us, in that they wish for something better, but are unable to find it. That’s what makes American Pie so great – it’s about wishing but being unable to find what you want.

As for the storyline itself, it’s pretty standard fare – a husband gets a new wife, the wife wants to cook for her husband, and that’s all there is to it. Except for the final scene, which was one of the most hilarious scenes I’ve seen in a long time (apart from Home Alone). But then things go from boom to bust! The husband falls for the first girl he meets, the wife gets suspicious when she finds text messages on his wife’s phone, and that’s when everything goes pear shaped from there. It’s a weird movie, but ends up being very funny.

You should definitely add American Pie to your list of movie watching favorites. It’s not the best movie of 2021, but it is very funny. Plus, your kids will love it too! If you have a DVD collection of comedies from the 80s, this is definitely a movie you should add to that. Trust me, they’ll be laughing hysterically by the time they’re done watching it.