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An Introduction to Nexa Mortgage Loans

On April 5, 2021, defendant Brian Noe pleaded guilty to securities fraud for his role in a scheme to illegally obtain residential mortgages in conjunction with investor Carl Swartz. Mr. Noe is a partner at Nexa Mortgage where he operates as a mortgage broker and sales agent. Nexa Mortgage is a sub-prime mortgage lender that stands accused of selling loans that are not actually residential mortgages to investors. Mr. Noe is alleged to have sold these loans to investors who would then repossess the homes from the borrowers and resell them for profit.

This scheme, according to the complaint, was devised by Defendant Brian Noe in conjunction with other investors including Defendant Carl Swartz. At the time, Mr. Noe and the other investors held senior ranking roles in the firm. These investors would approach potential customers that would require the loans through Noe’s broker shop where they would provide the loan officers with the borrower’s contact information. Once these officers had been provided with the names of potential home buyers, they would then contact the prospective borrower and try to get the individual to purchase a home through Noe’s senior lender, Fannie Mae. This process would continue each day until a customer was finally closed on a home loan.

At the first meeting of the sales representatives and customers, the customers would be told that they were dealing with an investor that could purchase the loan through Noe’s company while still maintaining a majority interest in the transaction. This would help to keep the investors involved in the transaction because their profits would be tied to the success of the deal through Noe’s senior lender. However, in the first meeting, the customers would also learn that each of the investors would have a different investment strategy. The investment strategies would vary between investors. For instance, some investors would invest their money in properties that are not located in any particular zip code or region of the country. There would also be other methods of investing that would be used by some of the investors.

For example, there would be investors that would use the Noe’s senior lender and use it to purchase homes in other states, while receiving the income from the sale of these homes. In this way, the investor would receive two payments for each house that was purchased using their equity. In addition to their income from the sale of the homes, these investors would also receive payment on the balance of the loan each month until the loan was paid off. Another way in which these home loans were sold through Noe’s senior mortgage is through what is called an ‘asset-based lending program’. In this case, the investor would place their home up for collateral with the company and receive payment each month based on the value of the asset.

All of the above mentioned aspects of the home loans were explained to the buyer at the introductory meeting. However, the interest rates that were being offered to these individuals were slightly higher than what they would have been with a Noe’s senior lender. This is because the payment structure for these home loans are more generous since they are backed up by assets. The senior lender is still considered to be a high risk investment due to the fact that they are taking on the risk of the borrower not being able to make the monthly payment.

For some people this is a necessary feature of owning a home, but for others it can be disappointing. The company has two different types of home loans that can be confusing to someone who is not familiar with them. The first is the fixed rate senior mortgage, which is the most common type of NDex mortgage that a person would apply for. The second is the variable rate senior mortgage. Understanding these differences is essential to being an educated investor.

The first type of NDex loan, also known as the fixed rate senior loan, is a type of refinancing where the lender will agree to re-evaluate the borrower’s ability to pay off the loan based on their credit report. The result is that in order to get approval for this loan the interest rate will be determined according to the credit report, which can make monthly payments much higher than if the loan was just a standard home loan. If you need to lower your monthly payments you will have to find a way to lower the interest after you pay off the principal. This is something you should discuss with your Nexa representative when you first receive the quote. It may not be possible to lower your monthly payments immediately, but in the long run it will be worth it.

Another aspect of this type of NDex mortgage is that you cannot reduce the loan balance to more than forty percent of the value of the property. This means that you cannot borrow more than the house is worth, so you cannot go on a spending spree once the loan has been paid off. In essence, any money you borrow will have to be repaid back with another loan. Since the interest on this type of loan is so high, you will save money by only making interest-only payments. These are much like simple savings accounts where only the interest is accrued. However, there is no tax advantage because the funds are tax free and are paid directly into a savings account.