With the huge success of superhero blockbuster Man Of Steel, it’s no big surprise that Aquaman has been given his own movie release date. Bringing back the aquatic wonder-maker from classic comic book #1, which makes its DVD debut this week, is the latest version starring Tom Cruise. The late Jerry Stackhouse served as the voice of Aquaman for several years, but he’ll be back this time with Christopher Walken. While many actors are simply hired to play iconic characters, this role is being directed by David Fincher, who helmed the equally successful Seabiscuit movie. With an all new screenplay to work from, there’s no doubt that this will be another winner for Warner Bros. Pictures.

aquaman release date

Since the sinking of the USS Enterprise in 1947, the United States Navy has been fighting a constant war against aquatic evil. Now, they’re going after the sea pirates known as the Ocean Pirates. With the help of an unlikely hero (actor Kenneth Branagh), the Navy will have no problem taking down these sea attackers, but in the meantime, Aquaman is on his own quest to become the greatest hero the world has ever known. Fortunately, the second installment in the Aquaman franchise promises to be just as fun and exciting as the first – and set much closer to the original birthdate of the character, meaning we’ll finally get to see the sea god in his natural habitat on the big screen.

With the new movie in the works, we can also look forward to an all-new, spectacularly animated feature film called The Ocean Walker. Directed by none other than Henry Selick, this latest blockbuster adventure of Aquaman promises to be the start of a huge franchise (and if it’s any indication, a lucrative one at that). What makes the animation truly special is the fact that it was brought to life using computer technology. No matter how distant the viewer is from the sea’s ecosystem, they’ll be able to recognize the place where the movie’s events are taking place thanks to computer-generated effects. And that’s not all; the entire movie will be projected in 3D, which will add a level of realism to what could have easily been a traditional motion picture. Aquaman’s release date will just have to be a little sooner than usual…

But what about the movie’s second installment? How will fans be able to keep up with the ever-changing storyline when there will be more Aquaman movies in the pipeline? There are a few things fans can do to help them keep up with the latest development: keep an eye out for official Aquaman sites and tweets that mention the second official Aquaman release date. That way, they’ll be the first to know when the second movie will make its way into theaters. Fans also have to stay abreast of the latest sales and marketing reports as well, since these will give them a look at what’s selling well and how many tickets have been selling so far.

Who will play the role of King Posey in the upcoming Aquaman movie? leyshipper has been cast as the lead role, though The LEGO Batman 2: Gotham City Island’s Jason Gordon is also rumored to have a role. Meanwhile, Amber Heard has been cast as Aquaman’s love interest, Dinah Stone. The two are set to join the Justice League of America in the next Aquaman movie, which is scheduled for December 12, 2021. Let’s hope we get a whole lot more wormhole Wiseau (the original French name for the actor).

If the first Aquaman film didn’t do well at the box office, is there going to be another installment with a different story? It’s possible, though it’s not yet confirmed. Ben Affleck is also attached to the project as the starring role, so there could be a twist on how the story goes. No further announcements have been made regarding the release date for the second installment of the Justice League series, though it’s widely expected that it will arrive around sometime in the spring of 2021.

Whether you loved the first film or you don’t, there’s no denying that this Aquaman movie will be worth watching once again. The story, characters, and humor are all great. Even though the first film was less than fantastic, at least it didn’t cost as much as The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

If you want to see an Aquaman film before seeing the second one, you’ll want to start your search for tickets now. For a limited time, some theaters offer special Aquaman presentations for a reduced ticket price. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see the film before it’s done!