When you buy auto insurance are you still looking at a sign that says you must have an SR22 automobile insurance form filled out? Probably the last notice is in your local or state department of motor vehicles department. This form is filled out so you can purchase insurance and it must be filled out on time. If the form is not completed on time, the insurance company will be canceling your policy.

Are you a convicted driver? If you are convicted of a major traffic violation, you may not have coverage even though you may have paid your fine. Some states require convicted drivers to get this coverage so they do not lose coverage and they do not drive with an “absence” license. Some states actually have the law on their books that will allow convicted drivers to have coverage even without it. The companies will check with your state department of motor vehicles office to find if your conviction is a enough of a reason to drop your SR22 car insurance.

Are you still a student? Many times students are overlooked when it comes to getting lower insurance rates. The insurance company assumes that since you are still a student, you will stay sober and not drive while you are under the influence. In some cases this is true, but more often it is not.

Many times after a suspension for a certain amount of time, driving with an “absence” license is easier to obtain than it used to be. Some people who have had their licenses suspended forget about their suspension and drive without coverage. If this happens, your SR22 car insurance company will consider you a higher risk than other drivers and raise your premiums. This is something to consider if you plan on driving without coverage while being charged higher insurance premiums.

Have you been convicted of driving without insurance within a short time period? Driving with a suspended license is very similar to driving drunk. Driving without insurance has many consequences and will affect your credit rating as well as your SR22 car insurance rates. If you are charged with driving without insurance, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance provider and see what sort of suspension you might have incurred.

Are you charged with misdemeanor crimes such as driving under the influence (DUI) or other similar charges? If you are charged with one of these crimes, your SR22 car insurance rates will go up. Misdemeanors carry penalties of up to one year in jail. These are serious offenses and your driving privileges will be suspended immediately. If you are facing multiple traffic violations, your premium will be higher.

Does your current policy to include liability insurance or collision and comprehensive insurance? Both of these are required under almost all states’ laws. Driving without insurance can put you in violation of both of these laws. If you have questions about your current policy or want to check to make sure you have adequate SR22 car insurance coverage, contact an insurance agent today.

Many companies will ask for a copy of your current liability certificate in order to verify your name and status as a driver. However, some companies will request an applicant’s drivers license number or social security card in order to verify the ownership of a vehicle. If you do not have a copy of your certificate, you may wish to obtain one quickly. Most states will issue a non-owner SR22 car insurance policy to a vehicle owner who does not possess a certificate. This is often referred to as a temporary policy and does not give any legal rights or benefits to the vehicle owner.