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Barbra Streisand Song Listings

Barbra Streisand is best known for her hit “Manicotti”. The song was number one in the United States and also number twenty-one in France. As well as being one of the most popular and influential female pop singers of all time, Barbra Streisand also managed to be politically incorrect throughout her career. Her Italian background meant that she was never able to fully enjoy mainstream acceptance for her work in pop music. She never achieved the same degree of commercial success as she did with her time in Europe.

When she was a teenager in New York City, Barbra recorded her first non-LP song in a shop owned by her family. This song was called “Your Pappy’s Only Love”. This recording was actually Streisand’s first major break. It became a huge success when it was re-released on the singles “Pleased to Meet You” and “Mystery Train”.

After some time away from the microphone, Streisand returned to the forefront, appearing on several more hit records including “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “Fidelity”. Then her career really began to prosper. She went from having a modest recording career to earning a huge reputation. She also won several Grammies including “Merit” for her song “andom” from the album” Greenwich Village”. A Streisand record which also appeared on” Brilliantly Yours” was entitled “Cape cod”.

Two of Barbra’s early hits, which helped to launch her career were “Irene” and “Mystery Train”. The acoustic guitar and piano ballad “Carmen” was another first. After a lengthy spell with her band, she decided to leave the group and focus on her own musical interests. She also made a string of collaborative recordings with other artists.

Eventually Barbra turned towards writing and recording her own songs. “Green Onions” was released as an album with instrumental by Carlos Santana. It is considered to be one of the earliest and most successful singles ever released by any independent artist. It reached number one in the United Kingdom.

Two months later, “Mystery Train” appeared and became another massive hit. This song was also certified platinum in the United Kingdom. The single “Tears In Heaven” appeared later in the decade and was again a massive hit. One year later, Barbra produced and recorded the duet with Michael Jackson “Xxplosive”. This song included some of the classic Michael Jackson dance moves like the moonwalk and the moon tilt.

Barbra has always stated that she wrote most of the songs she sang with other musicians. Some of the songs were written with other people but most of them were written by Barbra herself. When she was working with Carlos Santana, they would come up with ideas for new songs. Some of those songs eventually became hits. Those include the songs “Who Loves The Sun” and “Haitian Divorce” for which Santana won a Grammys for.

Barbra Streisand trivia should include the fact that this early career artist only focused on singing and producing music. She has not done any writing. Her first album was an accompaniment to Santana’s work and only featured on it. After working with Santana, she was invited to sing with him and he hired her to replace him when he went off to study classical music. Barbra’s career spanned four decades.

A good Barbra Streisand song is “When You Believe”, from the album It’s Only A Dream. This is the first song on that album, which did not receive an official release until November of 1970. In this song, Streisand sings about her dream of getting married to a man who shares many of her interests.

One of the first songs that Barbra sang without any prior experience was “ifterique”. This is an acoustic number. She is also good at string arrangements and has released several duets with Jimmy Page. This is another song from the It’s Only A Dream album.

This song is about a relationship that ends. It describes how a person regrets having a relationship that did not work out. Barbra has said this song is about falling in love with someone and then losing that person. Barbra actually had one fan who actually wrote to her and sent her the message, “I really think you are the sweetest girl on earth.”