best songs 2018

Getting your hands on some of the best songs of the year can be tough. Fortunately, there are a lot of albums out there that are worth checking out. From new releases by artists such as Zedd, Grey, Maren Morris and more, here are a few you should definitely keep an eye out for.


Pristine is one of the best songs of 2018. The song is the first single from Snail Mail’s upcoming debut album Lush, which will be released on June 8. The album will include seven energetic compositions and a Simlish re-recording of the song “Stop Desire”.

The song is a five-minute trip through Jordan’s psyche, from her youth to her adulthood. There are no flashy or in-your-face moments, but instead, a well-balanced mix of musical elements. Jordan’s guitar playing is also inventive, and her vocals are reminiscent of a younger version of Taylor Swift.

The song has an outro that embodies a number of honest thoughts. The lyrics are not sugarcoated, and they’re the perfect summary of unrequited love. The song’s outro is a list of unanswered questions and last-attempt pleas.

The song also features a fantastic guitar solo. The song also features a very well-executed sunrise/sunset chorus. The song has one of the best vocal performances of the year.

The song also has one of the most interesting lyrics of the year. The line “We can be anything even apart” is the perfect summary of unrequited love.

‘Send To Robin Immediately’

Earlier this year, Swedish pop superstar Robyn unveiled a new music video for “Send to Robin Immediately,” the title track from her album Honey. While the video isn’t the first time Robyn has teamed up with fashion designer Bjorn Borg, it’s the first time the pair have collaborated on a physical product. The capsule collection is called RBN.

In addition to the video, Robyn has also unveiled a new fashion line and a capsule collection with stylist Naomi Itkes. The capsule collection consists of a series of activewear items designed to suit Robyn’s active lifestyle. While the ‘Honey’ LP was released in October of last year, it’s only the Swedish singer’s sixth full-length studio album. It’s also her first full-length release since 2010’s Body Talk.

“Send to Robin Immediately” is a short, snazzy track that’s a delight to listen to, especially on a summer’s day. While it may not be the most original song of the year, it’s a worthy contender.

The song also hints at Robyn’s new activewear line, which she has collaborated on with Bjorn Borg. The new collection was released during London Fashion Week.

‘In My Feelings’

Earlier this week, Drake secured his fourth solo Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 with “In My Feelings”, his third number-one song of the year. This brings him to six total. His previous two number-one songs this year were “God’s Plan” and “Nice for What”.

“In My Feelings” dethrones Drake’s previous number-one hit, “Nice for What”, and is his second number-one song of 2018. The song was named Spotify Song of the Summer in 2018. It also topped the Billboard summer charts, leading for four weeks.

The song’s video, which was directed by Drake’s camp, racked up over 130 million views. It’s also been recreated by countless celebrities. This dance challenge sparked a viral craze – a trend called the #InMyFeelingsChallenge – that has spread across social media. This dance trend started when Instagram comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself doing a dance to “In My Feelings”.

The challenge went viral, and the song jumped up to number four. After receiving a huge boost from the challenge, “In My Feelings” took over the top spot on the Billboard summer charts.

‘One Kiss’

‘One Kiss’, the latest collaboration from Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa, is a big hit in the UK. With sales of over 70,000 units, the track has already reached number one in the country and is a contender for the best song of 2018.

“One Kiss” features a futuristic synth-line that repeats over and over. It also includes a brassy trumpet interlude.

The lyrics of the song describe the experience of falling in love after kissing someone. They also talk about the feeling of heaven after being with someone special.

The track has reached number one in a number of countries. It also earned the Brit Award for the best British single of the year. Streaming numbers for the song are also impressive. It has over 50 million streams on Spotify.

“One Kiss” was produced by Calvin Harris. It was released on May 31, 2018. The song also received several live performances from both Harris and Lady Gaga.

“One Kiss” earned Harris his ninth number one single in the UK. He’s also a Grammy Award winner and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

‘All The Stars’

Several years after “All the Stars” first made its debut on the radio, Kendrick Lamar and SZA teamed up again for an official video. The track has received several awards, including Best Visual Effects at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was also nominated for Best Original Song at the 76th Golden Globe Awards and the 91st Academy Awards.

The song’s music video takes an Afrofuturist approach. The song is centered around Kendrick Lamar’s personal journey, and his video is full of references to African cultures. The song and video have drawn criticism for cultural appropriation.

Lamar and co-director Dave Meyers’ video takes an Afrofuturist theme, incorporating African symbolism and imagery. The video begins in an ark-like vessel with a sea of hands waving below. In the next scene, Lamar is wearing a traditional kufi hat. The symbolism continues, with a room full of pseudo-hieroglyphs.

The song has also received praise for its catchy pop tune. While it has been used as the title track for the Black Panther movie, the song also features as a commercial jingle.

‘Human Being’

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Zedd, Grey and Maren Morris

Earlier this year, electronic dance-pop powerhouse Zedd teamed up with Grey and Maren Morris for the uber-hyped “The Middle” and resulting music video. The song has garnered over one billion audio streams and is considered a cult favorite. The video, which features Grey playing electronic instruments and Morris vocalizing in black, is a definite must-watch.

“The Middle” isn’t the only song that has been released in the past year that is likely to make an impact. In fact, Billboard is celebrating the best songs of the decade. For example, Zedd’s “The Middle” is nominated for the “best song of the year” award. It’s also been tapped as the music video for Target’s spring marketing campaign. The video was shot on a green screen and features Morris’ vocals in black while Grey plays the drums.

In the past year, Zedd has had a number of notable success stories, from his collaborations with Liam Payne on “Get Low”, to producing and writing for superstars like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. His latest release, “The Middle”, is no doubt the biggest crossover hit of 2018.

The song is also the brainchild of a Grammy Award winning DJ, who recruited twelve singers for a techno-infused single. Zedd and Morris reunited in a Nashville studio in late 2017 to record vocals.

‘Black Panther’s All-Star cut’

Despite being one of the most anticipated comic book movies of the year, “Black Panther’s All-Star Cut” will be censored in Kuwait. This is the first Gulf country to insist on an edited version of the film.

According to sources, intimate scenes must be edited out of the film. This includes a kiss between T’Challa and Nakia. A kiss between Aneka and Ayo was also edited out.

Ayo is a Dora Milaje warrior played by Florence Kasumba. Her character was stripped of her rank after killing an abusive chieftain.

Ayo is in a relationship with Aneka. They both have feathered wings. The couple is referred to as “a god to his people,” but it is unclear how the two characters met.

Shuri is T’Challa’s younger sister. She has taken over her brother’s position as Black Panther, but is not yet crowned queen. It isn’t clear how she plans to take the throne from her mother.

Queen Ramonda is the ruler of the fictional African nation of Wakanda. She is played by Angela Bassett. She is the most powerful nation in the world.