best travel rewards credit card

Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Whether you’re vacationing in the sun, cruising the open blue waters or hitting the road to sight-see, it’s important to find the best travel rewards credit card. These types of cards are perfect for a rainy day getaway or to maximize a business trip. They’re also an excellent way to help reward good customers by providing generous offers to repeat business. For instance, a frequent flier or a senior citizen may be able to benefit from rewards programs that provide air fare, rental cars or even roadside assistance.

Finding the best travel rewards credit card for your needs is easy when you know what you need. The key is to research your options and then decide which ones will fit your lifestyle and goals best. Research can take place at a local travel agency, over the internet or at the library. There are literally dozens of companies who offer these types of cards, many of them with attractive interest rates and travel incentives. Some are simply cash back or membership rewards programs, while others come with the promise of plane tickets, rental cars and other types of incentives.

Some perks are non-transferable; others are transferable depending on the type of card you have. The best travel rewards credit card for a frequent flier would offer free flight tickets if the card holder makes a certain amount of non-guaranteed flight books each calendar year. For senior citizens, this could be a great way to travel without worrying about missing home on a family holiday. In general, the best hotel credit card for everyday purchases comes with a hefty spending limit and includes major hotel chains like Starwood, Sheraton and Hilton. You could choose to have the largest spending limit with a one-year annual fee for the best perks.

Not all cards are equal when it comes to choosing the best travel rewards credit card for a global Entry pass. Global Entry is the program that allows people from around the world to enter the U.S. through different airports by showing proof of a green card and a passport. Once approved, you can stay for as long as three years if you meet the specific requirements. Green card and passport evidence are required because the point system is based on how much a person costs to insure in the Global Entry scheme. These costs include tickets, taxes, services and accommodations. With a spending limit of up to five thousand dollars, this scheme offers great value for money.

American Express credit cardholders who have good credit may want to consider Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, a business travel rewards card from American Express that has several benefits including discounts at restaurants and hotels, airline miles and points for every dollar that you spend. This card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including the establishments that acceptMasterCard and Discovery. This card is not affiliated with Chase, but the rewards offered may be taken from the same organization.

The other rewards credit card from American Express that may interest you is the Chase Freedom Unlimited Business Card. It comes with no annual fee, so it is a perfect card if you plan on building up your spending habits over time. There is no spending habits limit, but you will pay an upfront transaction fee each year. This fee may vary depending on which card you select, but all will offer a high standard of quality customer service and protection against fraud. Each line has low limit cards and cash advances and is designed to help improve your business travel experiences.

For frequent flyers, the Delta Reserve card from American Express is another card that offers some great rewards. It allows you to make transfers up to three times a year, which can be used towards earning the free tickets or point offers that are available. There are also no blackout dates, annual fees or transaction fees, making this one of the best travel rewards credit card programs out there. You must have a good credit rating to qualify, but this transferable card gives you the flexibility you need in your current spending habits. This is also a great card for those who like to save money.

The last of the best travel rewards credit cards is the Discover More card from American Express. This card gives you a lot of flexibility in your spending as well as cash back and point opportunities that will give you a substantial amount of spending power. You can also earn the transferable points needed to get entry into the millions of attractions worldwide. This is a great card that offers a lot of value for the moderate budget traveler. No annual fee, low APR, easy to use and convenient to meet the needs of your frequent flyer profile.