Blackkklansman is an insanely entertaining action-thriller starring Dolph Lundgren as an evil secret agent who travels back in time to win his own war against the Nazi regime. The film takes place in 1940 and the United States is locked into World War II. One of the most gripping parts of the film is the slow build up of the tension between Lundgren’s character and the evil Dr. Evil. Throughout the film it seems like the only thing that’s going to save the day is some sort of kung fu trick or Bruce Lee type move from Lund Gren’s character. The end result is a thrilling movie with one of the best casts of characters that you will ever see in a mainstream movie.

blackkklansman cast

In one scene from the film, Lund Gren is seen training with his partner Barney Ross while they discuss how to take down the leader of the Nachtigall Free American Party. He wants to defeat him using his own methods and not have to rely on the military. Eventually he agrees to work with Barney. This entire scene takes place in an underground facility in New York City and it is one of the most intense moments in the entire film.

Another action sequence that will please fans of action movies is one that I love to call the Bruce Lee vs. stuntman battle. This is the battle that was so famous from the earlier Lee brothers films. Both Lee Brothers films featured young stuntmen that were experts at martial arts fighting. Bruce Lee had trained in various martial arts and was a master of Jeet Kune Do which is a form of Wing Chun. He fought his way into the headquarters of the Nachtigall Free American Party and killed the leader and thousands of people in the process.

As an avid fan of black kung fu movies I was excited when I saw the black ninja assassin sequence. I know many people are but this movie did not disappoint. The acting was great throughout the whole movie and particularly acted really well by Lee’s son, Brandon Lee. You could also see the passion that dad had for his martial arts which is shown when Brandon is sitting on his father’s shoulder and performs a perfect flying spinning back kick against an attacker head on.

Throughout the history of kung fu movies there have been many different stars who have portrayed the warrior and black pants. Some have come from China, Japan and France but the one who epitomizes the role is Joe Cantina. In the early 1990’s Cantina was featured in the Kung Fu movie House of Flying Daggers where he was again playing a tough guy with a heart of gold. Since then Cantina has gone on to star in many black kung fu movies such as The Mightier Man, Kung Fu: The Fist of fury, Shaolinunksai, Tiger Claws and Dragon Claw.

There is also the famous David Strathairn as the main bad guy and the movie Blackkklansman is no exception to this rule. Though, as the movie goes on you realize that Strathairn is not really all bad, he is just a little bit out of place as the leader of the group. The story line is about a group of Chinese martial arts fighters who are given weapons from an evil tribe. The evil tribe also has an evil female warrior who must be defeated by strathairn, which brings us to the female warrior’s transformation into the skilled and sexy nurse.

Though the movie is a little slow at times, it is filled with action and a lot of intense martial arts. The fights between the good guys and the bad guys are well choreographed and executed perfectly. The sequences of actual kung fu fighting are some of the best to be seen on the big screen. The kung fu sequences set in the dimly lit back alleys of a small city adds to the confusion and urgency of the scene. The female lead and her friend are constantly battling each other and the scenes with the back alleys of the city adds to the steam.

The Blackkklansman cast and crew did a great job casting believable characters. They made good use of the martial arts sequences to make it entertaining and a little slow at times. The movie had me glued to my seat waiting for each new battle to begin. Kung Fu is one of the best films to come out in the last ten years and the Blackkklansman cast and crew did a fantastic job of re-creating an authentic kung fu movie for the big screen.