The Avatar 2021 DVD is the sequel to the highly successful The Avatar movie. With the second installment, the journey of the crew of the wreckage ship “Moria” and of Narnia itself gets underway. Princess Tiana, who played the title role in the first film, is back along with her friend and love interest, Kiara. There are also a very swell cast, led by Patrick Swayze and James Belushi, as well as having some surprising cameos by Peter Searchinger, Whoopi Goldberg and John Lithgow. If you enjoyed the first movie, you will love this one too!

avatar 2009

The book begins with a two-minute prologue that sets up the events of the first half of the film. If you haven’t seen the first film, don’t worry. You won’t be spoilt for any plot twists or character backgrounds. But it does give you a good idea of what takes place. The book’s pace picks up near the end of the book when the stakes get higher and the conflict becomes more intense.

The story is told from the viewpoint of Aang, an avatar who was born with the power to fly. His owner, a human, was killed during a battle. Aang has been raised and trained since he was a child to control his incredible abilities. When the humans who killed his owner learn of his abilities, they send their most powerful warrior, King Zhi, to train Aang. This begins the story of Aang’s quest to find someone capable of controlling the metal realm. Along the way, Aang comes across the Avatar and learns that he is the same being who destroyed his home country.

In the book, we learn that Aang lives on the Southern Island of New Zealand, where the real Avatar resides. The island is under continual attack by the wicked Mojo Jojun, who wants to use the metal dragons to power himself and rule the world. Aang must travel through the portals created by Mojo and defeat him. Along the way, he discovers new friends and enemies, while battling to save the Avatar and defeat Mojo. Along the way, Aang gets help from a number of unexpected places. This book is a fantastic adventure, one you will look forward to reading each day.

I really liked the idea of having this entire book written in one day. It seemed like the book was given to me in chunks, like a video game. Although there were parts I had trouble with, like the character names and descriptions of locations, this book kept me reading. The story picks up right away, and it’s very easy to follow along. The storyline kept me interested, and Aang made me laugh out loud at many points throughout the book.

I really liked how the author Michael Connelly took the traditional plot of an epic fantasy book and condensed it into twenty-four short chapters. I also really liked how the main character, Aang, acts and interacts with others in the metal world. I especially enjoyed the interactions Aang had with Mojo, his friend and metal dragon master. I think this will be an easy read for all ages, and I’m looking forward to the next book in the Avatar series, The Rising Sun, to learn more about Mojo and Aang.

The final three-hundred and forty-two page book is really the longest story I have read in a fantasy book. I really felt like I had been taken through an adventure like no other. I really loved the concept of a metal age, and what the history of that era could teach us about our own culture. Michael Connelly has a new wave of fans with his book, and I’m sure more will be created. I especially like how he has turned the Avatar into a whole new world, one that is unique compared to the rest of his works.

My favorite characters are Aang and Mojo. Both are very interesting, and I really liked Mojo, who is a dark, sarcastic joker. I feel like Mojo gives Aang a good balance to have to fight against such a destructive force. I hope that Michael Connelly continues his exploits with future books, such as The Rising Sun. I’m looking forward to it!