The 2009 and 2015 films Bride Wars are both very different from each other. The Chinese version was directed by Casey Wilson and Gary Winick and stars Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Johnston, Bryan Greenberg, Candice Bergen, and Greg DePaul. The story of two childhood friends who decide to marry each other is very different from the American version. It is a fun and humorous movie about friendship and competition. The two female leads are very different from each other.


The recent release of the movie Bride Wars is a welcome relief from the awful drama that plagued “Mad Men” and its sequel. The movie revolves around a group of girlhood friends who plan to marry. Hathaway and Hudson play Emma and Liv, two friends who have been saving up for years for their wedding. Unfortunately, neither of them has any daddies to help with the wedding expenses. Fortunately, the actresses are far better at acting than their respective roles in the movie.

The movie is a remake of a popular Hollywood romantic comedy, and features Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. It opened to $14.3 million in theaters, but ticket sales dropped 74% the next day. The drama’s writers are not known for their work on romantic comedies, but the cast is talented enough to deliver a rousing movie. The movie’s trailer has many references to a wildly popular movie, which may explain why some critics have slammed the film’s glitzy look.


The latest film in the “Bridesmaids” franchise is a cliched comedy about two girlhood friends who are about to get married. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play the roles of Liv and Emma, two friends who have been saving for their wedding for ten years. Sadly, they don’t have any daddies to help them pay for it, so their marriage plans are overturned by a series of snide remarks.

Although the movie works as a romantic comedy, it falls short when it comes to a more stable plot. This is because the storyline often centers on ridiculous revenge plots between ex-best friends. The main conflict in this comedy often feels pointless and overused. Even the most sane person might wonder why the women are so desperate to get married. It’s not that the weddings are a good reason for a fight, but it’s still an awkward moment.

The main cast of the comedy is full of well-written jokes, especially when the characters are compared to one another. Hathaway and Hudson have great chemistry on screen, and both play their parts exceptionally well. The film contains some light profanities, but the overall tone is wholesome and witty. Although the movie has a few problem areas, it is a fun and heartwarming comedy about love and marriage.

Sexual references

Whether you like sex or not, you can expect plenty of sexual references in Bride Wars. The film has some crude language and suggestive content, but is still PG rated. However, some scenes contain mild to mildly offensive language. In the last scene, Emma attacks Liv in a sexy way and makes sexual references. She even talks about men she’s slept with. While the movie is a fun watch, it may not be appropriate for kids.

Despite its sexy content, this film is largely a chick-flick. It tells the story of a young couple, Emma Hathaway and Liv Hudson, who both aspire to be a maid of honor and share a rite of passage. They fight for the wedding date, but they soon turn against each other. As the ensuing chaos ensues, the characters realize that one-upmanship is destructive and counterproductive.


In “Friendship during Bride Wars,” two women, Liv and Emma, are forced to become the maids of honor of two very different brides–one of them a mealy-mouthed executive assistant named Deb, and the other a former co-worker named Emma. The two women become so close, but the unexpected turns their perfect adventure into a nightmare. The film makes an excellent case for friendship, as both women learn that the importance of family and friendship cannot be stressed enough.

The movie follows two best friends in a no-holds-barred struggle to make their wedding day their own. But when Liv plants a DVD of Emma’s spring break vacation, Emma’s mind switches to the past, and the two women start to grow apart. Eventually, they reconcile and agree to separate and share their wedding day. But what happens when their friendship erupts into a full-fledged war?

New York City

In this movie, two young women, Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway), plan to get married on the same day in June. However, a clerical error puts them on the same day! Their plans clash, and the result is an all-out wedding war! In the film, the brides-to-be must decide whether to stay together or fight it out.

The set-up of the film is similar to a traditional bachelorette party festival, complete with local vendors, food and drink and a DJ. The movie starts with a welcome announcement at 1:00pm, and is followed by a series of fun challenges including bouquet toss, balloon pop, photo station, and more. The finale is an ugliest-dress fashion show and a $250 team cash prize for the winner!

Kate Hudson

In “Bride Wars,” Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play childhood friends who are determined to get married. The two women have been saving for their big day for years. Unfortunately, neither of them have daddies who will give them a hand up. Fortunately, they are able to work out their differences before the wedding. Here, they share their secrets. Read on to find out what they were like before the wedding!

Liv is the bride-to-be, and Emma is her best friend. They have been friends for years, and now they want to tie the knot. Their relationship is strained by the stress of the wedding, but Liv can’t let that get in the way of the wedding. Emma is a perfect bride, and Liv is the perfect groom. However, her relationship with Fletcher is far from perfect. The two aren’t as close as they once were, but the friendship remains strong.

Anne Hathaway

In the 2009 comedy-drama Bride Wars, Anne Hathaway plays a prenuptial Stepford Wife who decides to take her best friend Liv to the altar. Kate Hudson plays the other would-be bride. In the movie, these two women clash over who will marry who, but not before they make amends for their past. The sappy comedy scored a 5.9 rating on The Movie Database.

Despite the fact that Kate Hudson has an extensive filmography spanning back to Almost Famous, Hudson is the only one who sheds a tear in the movie. Her career dates back to Almost Famous, where William Miller sold her to Humble Pie for $50 and a case of beer. But the film doesn’t quite live up to expectations. It is a solid comedy, but unfortunately, not one that’s memorable.

“Bride Wars” has an overly cliched plot. It starts with childhood friends falling in love and planning a wedding at the Plaza hotel. There are some funny scenes, but the movie has an uninspiring plot. It’s a cliched romantic comedy that relies too heavily on plot and actors to entertain. The two female screenwriters, June Diane Raphael and Case Wilson, were just beginning their careers and had little experience in the genre.

Candace Bergen

The upcoming comedy Bride Wars is getting a new co-star in Candice Bergen. She will play top wedding planner Marion St. Claire in this new comedy from Fox 2000 and New Regency. The movie centers around best friends who have wedding dates that clash. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are also starring in the comedy. The script is written by June Diane Raphael and Kirsten Smith. It was recently filmed in New York and will now move to Boston for the film’s second installment.

The comedy follows two girlhood friends, Liv and Emma, as they plan a wedding. The two women have been saving for the big day for 10 years and are now finally getting married. Sadly, their daddies won’t help pay for their wedding. However, they are determined to marry their beloved. With the help of their friends, they can plan a spectacular wedding. The film was shot in a variety of locations, including the Plaza and Central Park.