The first part of this Bond theme bottle label from the Craig Bonds’ Casino Royale, which features Blofeld dressed in his trademark blue tie, has become quite iconic. So much so in fact that the image of Blofeld with the tag line ‘The Boss’ has been emblazoned on the back of countless beer mugs worldwide. But what is interesting about the design for Casino Royale – and the image which forms the background of almost every Bond reel – is that its designer, John Canteloup, has actually included aspects of spy craft in Bond’s wardrobe, whilst at the same time creating a very sleek and stylised look which gives the film that boldness and depth which is one of its trademarks.

bridge of spies

The term ‘bridge of spies’ itself certainly indicates that there are multiple characters involved here. In fact, there are several of them who might have actually passed through the bridge. For example, Q (IQ Baits), Bond (Bond Jr) and M (Ms Blofeld). The term bridge of spies is used to refer to the scene in which Bond is captured by some Russian spy team (S penetrate G bite) and they take him away to the Russian side. Here we have the agents Blofeld, Kuchiki and Vizoff, who are all involved in a conspiracy to capture the former British Prime Minister, Edward James Bond (Bond). As with any good mystery film, though, we don’t really understand how these characters came to be in such a place of affairs and just what happened to Bond.

However, the opening shot of Casino Royale does give us a clue, through the use of an audio tape played on a hidden camera. When the player receives this message (which is in Russian but is later revealed to be English), Bond makes a comment about how he has had quite a few Russian women over the years and, because he does not know their faces, he has never been able to identify them. Then later in the film, when Q tries to help Bond by informing the former Prime Minister about the attack on Bond’s life, Q remarks that the spy’s life will be in their hands if he decides to cooperate with them.

Once we have established how Q fits into this particular spy/commission, we can move on to M who is a member of an American spy agency, referred to as ARTEC. This is the place where Q works for. Although Q and M work for different firms, they still know each other well, and both seem to get along well with one another. However, there is a difference between how their relationships develop throughout the course of this espionage case.

At one point in the film, M goes to London to collect money which Q has given to an insurance lawyer in America, and there are some interesting circumstances surrounding this. The insurance lawyer in America passes this money onto Q, and tells him that the money came from one of M’s past employers. When M returns to Britain, she informs the insurance lawyer that he cannot take the money without a written contract. This contract is then between Q and M, stating that they are aware of all the conditions of their relationship and that such things occur regularly.

M then goes back to Russia, but Q has other ideas. He tells M that if she completes his job for him, then he will give her twenty million rubies (about $300k at the time), and he will also give her twenty percent shares in his new spy ring, the SVR. M tries to convince Q not to do this, but Q refuses and continues his mission.

On the final scene, M reads a letter which reads “To my dear American friend – I am sending you fifty million rubies. Do not worry about me. I am working on it myself. You can have your cake and eat it too.” This is another allusion to Q’s double life as a spy, and it is likely that he was thinking about the American spy network which existed at the time.

All this brings us back to why we needed a good spy novel. Without spies and stories about spies we would be dull and wouldn’t get enough entertainment. This is exactly what Mark Twain did with his “Adventures of Peter Van Loan” and it’s why I love his work so much. If you haven’t read any of Mark Twain’s work, you should really check them out and see what an intellect this man had. Bridge of Spies was a wonderful book and would be a great introduction to American history and one of Tom Clancy’s best works.