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Health insurance, commonly known as healthcare insurance, is a kind of insurance that pays a portion or all of a person’s risk in case he or she incurs medical expenses. Like other kinds of insurance, the premium that one pays for health insurance depends on his or her individual health condition. The cost of health insurance policies also varies depending on the policy that one purchases. Some insurance policies cover specific diseases and some do not. And there are even policies that don’t pay benefits if a person goes out of his or her coverage period.

As with all other kinds of insurance, health insurance plans come with various limitations and exceptions. Most of India’s health insurance plans do not cover medical treatment for communicable diseases. However, some Indias companies do offer a limited cover for diseases that are common in India like diabetes and heart diseases. And in spite of this restriction, almost all Indias health insurance plans to pay out benefits to people with chronic illness like cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Health insurance plans also differ according to the deductible that an individual has to pay. This amount varies from individual health insurance plans to the other. Usually, the higher the deductible the less the monthly premium is. The range of the deductible is also from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. There are even individual health insurance plans that cater to children.

There are two types of Indira health insurance plans – the ones that offer cover on a wide variety of health conditions and those that offer only primary health care. For individuals, the best health plan is the one that offers a wide range of medical treatment at low premiums. However, you have to keep in mind that the premiums of these insurance plans do not go down if you become ill. Only the amount of the primary health care coverage goes down. If you choose a high deductible insurance plan, you will have to pay for the same in the event of an emergency only. In such a scenario, the premium of the high deductible health insurance plan will be more expensive.

The other major difference between Indira and other medical insurance premium policies is that there is a deduction of tpa or to some extent MIP for long term treatment. While this tpa reduction is available for the short term treatment of an individual with cancer, it is not applicable for the treatments of an individual who has an incurable disease. As a result, it becomes mandatory for the individual who has an incurable illness to pay part of his or her monthly medical insurance premium irrespective of whether the treatment is successful or not. So, those individuals who are diagnosed with terminal or incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS or HIV, cannot make use of the tpa deduction. The other three Indira plans do not have any such provision.

All other sections of health insurance coverage such as hospitalization and outpatient surgery charges do not have any tpa or MIP deduction. If you are paying for a health insurance policy that offers you hospitalization at a reduced rate and also offers you outpatient surgery facility for free, then there is nothing to reduce your monthly payments for the health insurance. However, if the same facility is not provided by your health policy, you can make use of the health insurance portability option. Health insurance companies offering such portability facility are offering policies for one year or for multiple coverage plans.

One of the biggest disadvantages of health insurance plans offer by different insurance companies is that the premium of the insurance policies increases proportionately to the increase in the number of visits to the doctor. This means that a new patient will have to spend more money on his health policy than a person who has been making regular visits to the doctor. As a solution to overcome this problem, most of the health insurance plans offer a co-payment feature. In case you visit the doctor more frequently than the scheduled visit, then you will be charged higher co-payments.

If you buy health insurance plans online, you may have the facility to choose the best plan among the different plans presented by different insurers. You may also be able to make a better comparison by looking at the benefits and features of different plans side by side. Once you buy a health insurance cover, you should make sure that you are covered for all the medical expenses for which you will be responsible. So, it is very important to buy health insurance plan from reputed insurers.