The Till Debt Do Us Part program offers practical advice on money, spending, finances and debt. Gail Vaz-Oxy takes a deep dive into the world of personal finance and teaches families how to live well with less. This Gemini-winning reality show intervenes in the personal lives of ordinary families to assist them in deciding how their incomes are to be split and how monthly bills should be paid. Each week a different household is typecast as Gail selects their spending practices and eliminates their plastic cards while she brings up appropriate financial ideas on how to address their current bad money-managing habits. The Till Debt Do Us Part television show makes it fun for viewers to get a realistic look at their own personal financial situations by showing them how they can make smart financial decisions. Vaz-Oxy even uses music and interviews with experts to get the message across to viewers.

In her own life Gail has overcome money problems and learned how to manage money well. She is a certified money manager and an expert on personal finance who enjoy educating others about personal finance. Gail has been a guest commentator on some of the most popular radio shows in the country. She is a recipient of the coveted “Queen Anne” medal which is presented to those who have made a significant contribution to British culture or the area of arts and design. Till Debt Do Us Part is one of the few programs of its kind to be so highly regarded and praised by such a respected and famed financial author.

The Till Debt Do Us Part program does a good job of providing couples with viable money management solutions to their money problems. It would seem counter-intuitive to advocate a program that encourages couples to share their marital property to pay off debts, but this is precisely what Gail believes in. The goal is not to hand out free money from the government to married couples in order to solve their debt problems. The purpose of the Till Debt Do Us Part program is actually to guide people in creating meaningful relationships within their marriage that will prevent them from ever finding themselves in this situation again.

In the world today many couples face multiple debt problems due to a lack of understanding and discipline. Gail believes that a financial education will go a long way toward helping couples overcome their money struggles. Through the Till Debt Do Us Part program she teaches readers how to take control of their finances and learn how to effectively plan and manage their finances. She encourages readers to use their knowledge to create meaningful, financially secure relationships in the future.

In order for a marriage to work there must be communication between partners. Gail believes that until recently the only way to communicate effectively in the home was through verbal discussion. “Men feel that they have to keep their emotions inside and women feel that they need to keep theirs away from their partner.” Today it is becoming increasingly common for couples to use text messaging as a method of communication. The use of cell phones is also on the rise, which means that Till Debt Do Us Part can help couples communicate better.

Gail has seen the trends that have occurred in the relationship industry over the last ten years. One of these trends is an increased number of couples that are splitting up or who are getting divorced. The number of couples who are getting divorced or who are separating because of money problems has dramatically increased since the two-hour special on the television series took the airwaves. Gail attributes this increase in divorces to a number of factors including a decline in the marriage rate, a greater tendency for couples to enter into risky financial ventures, and a lack of communication between spouses. Through her teachings she hopes that couples will be able to increase their chances of successfully working out their debt problems using proven money saving techniques.

While this is certainly a great program, Gail emphasizes that it’s not the answer to every relationship dilemma. She acknowledges that some couples will benefit from it while others simply won’t. If you or your spouse have tried all the possible solutions to getting out of debt that you know about, it might still not be worth spending your time watching one of the newest infomercials on TV about a product that promises to get rid of all of your debt if only you take the product.

As with any product or service that is marketed to a specific audience, it’s important that vaz-oxlade stands behind its product. In this case, the product is a series of videos aimed at helping couples improve their financial situation through improved money management skills and by communicating more effectively. The entire premise behind the vaz-oxlade system is that couples who successfully resolve their debt problems will experience significant changes in their lives. Gail emphasizes that this change will not happen overnight, but she assures that it will happen gradually as they work through the information that is contained in the videos. The overall message that the infomercial conveys is that it’s not about watching something on television, but about making real, permanent changes to improve your personal finances so that you can enjoy more success with your life and place a greater emphasis on living within your means.