Auto insurance is necessary, but it’s not cheap. There are two alternatives; you can purchase insurance from an agent or can look for auto insurance agents near me in my zip code. You can think of a number of ways: Purchasing directly from captive agents. Buying directly from independent brokers. Buying online from third-party agents.

The best auto insurance coverage options are found by doing some research and asking questions. One good idea is to call an agent who lives within the area you’re interested in, so you can ask questions about specific areas of coverage at your initial meeting. Another option is to contact prospective agents one at a time. Here’s how:

Call each individual agent. Ask for the following information: Who is the primary insured? What is their specialty (ie: collision, bodily injury, property damage, etc)? What is their rate for this type of coverage? How many underwriting discounts do they offer? Are there any special coverage options you need to know about?

The best way to get started is to find agents near you who have the same insurance coverage you are looking for. To do this, go online and do a simple search for auto insurance agents near me using the search engines. Put the first couple of names in quotes. If you don’t see any results come up, try searching for them in a search engine using either “car insurance agencies” or “auto insurance agencies.” Repeat these steps for the other coverage options you want to compare.

Once you have found several names of agents who can give you a quote, you’ll need to research them even more to make sure they have the best rates and coverage. Call each of them to see if they are available. Find out how long it will take them to respond and to hear them out. How many underwriting discounts do they offer? Most of the time car insurance companies are required to offer a certain percentage discount to new customers so it is good to ask about this before you settle on one agent over another.

One thing to keep in mind is to only deal with highly qualified agents near you. Call each of them individually to find out if they are licensed, bonded and insured. You should also inquire as to their rating in the Better Business Bureau. Most of the time, agents are rated from A to F. Look for agents in the top ranking categories. When you find the best auto insurance agents near you, call them up and ask them to provide you with a quote on the specific type of coverage you’re looking for.

Another great way to locate quality, independent insurance agents near you is to utilize online insurance agents directory. These directories will provide quotes on a number of different insurance policies and agencies. Some of these online directories will only have a few policies listed, but they will be a comprehensive and reliable source for all of your needs. These online directories can also give you the option of choosing between a few different types of policies. If you have limited coverage needs, you might want to consider purchasing a liability policy or umbrella policy that will cover your medical expenses, property damage and liability coverage.

You may also want to visit your local county clerk offices for information on car insurance agencies in your area. Many of these agencies have websites where they post information regarding rates and discounts. If you have been a loyal customer to an auto insurance agency for many years, you may be able to get discounts on various policies. Many times the person reviewing your case will post their personal information as well. This can help you find the best coverage for your personal situation.