Car insurance for older drivers may be harder than ever to find. But it’s worth doing if you can avoid paying too much for coverage. The reason is simple: older vehicles tend to have more problems on the road than newer ones. Older cars are also more prone to theft. This means that insurance companies charge older drivers at higher rates than those with newer cars.

Drivers under 25 years old have a significantly worse driving record than other age groups. Older drivers also tend to be more experienced behind the wheels, which increases their risk of having an accident or becoming involved in an accident with no insurance. Their insurance rates are higher than a young driver or below 25-year-old, who can be further inclined to purchase a flashy car or drive behind the wheel for longer periods of time without a carefree attitude. Older drivers can also be more apt to seek insurance out through referrals from friends, family or co-workers. Having a flawless driving record helps tremendously in finding the lowest insurance rates possible.

One factor that could affect your rate is your driving record. Your driving record is the single most important factor considered when auto insurance companies determine your insurance rates. In fact, your rate could be based solely on your driving record! Some people assume that having no accidents or getting only a few tickets will get them lower insurance rates, but this is not necessarily true.

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that your premiums will automatically go down. Older drivers have usually been paying higher insurance rates, since they are statistically more prone to having accidents. For example, statistics show that drivers over-80 make up 20% of auto accident cases, compared with those younger than twenty-five percent. This means that your premiums will go up if you are older than the national average!

Statistics also show that seniors are more likely to get involved in accidents as well as filing traffic violations. While this does not directly relate to their age, it is likely that seniors feel more reckless and riskier, which increases the likelihood of committing these offenses. Drivers who are over-80 can expect to pay more money for their insurance policies, as they are statistically more prone to get into accidents and drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Some insurance companies have started to offer special senior driver discount programs. Senior drivers can use the discounts to bring their insurance costs down, making them more affordable to all drivers. In some situations, insurers allow you to pay a higher deductible, thereby bringing down your premiums. Also, insurers offer better benefits to insured older drivers, such as reduced deductibles, allowing them to make larger payments for the same coverage.

In a recent survey by JD Power and Associates, it was determined that the single most common reason for the claim of a motor vehicle accident involving an older driver is due to road traffic accident. Road traffic accidents account for more than three-quarters of motor vehicle claims. According to JD Power, an organization that rates of customer satisfaction, road traffic accident is the number one reason why claims against motor vehicles account for at least fifty percent of their total clientele. This means that even though older drivers are on the road, they are far more likely to experience a motor traffic accident than younger drivers.

It is also believed that medical conditions affect the likelihood of a motor traffic accident. Some studies indicate that drivers with driving licence defects (such as small dents or a broken brake light) are at a greater risk of experiencing a motor vehicle accident than those with clear driving licenses. Furthermore, statistics show that drivers with poor driving licenses are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident, which may ultimately result in severe personal injury or death. As such, drivers who wish to drive legally need to ensure that they have a valid driving licence and are in general safe enough to drive a vehicle. If you do not have a good driving licence then you may be required to pay high premiums, which can become costly.