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“Pressed,” the new song by rapper Cardi B, is a warning to her critics and enemies. But what is the song’s message? Here’s a breakdown of the lyrics, along with a video directed by Jora Frantzis. This article explores the meaning of “Pressed.”

cardi b press’s “pressed” song is a warning to her enemies

Cardi B’s song title is an ominous warning to her enemies. The phrase ‘Pressed’ is used in the intro of the song, and the word itself can indicate the weight of the drama. The singer also makes it clear that she’s willing to take violence in order to achieve her goals. Yet, unlike Trump, Cardi does not refer to the press as her enemy. Though she’s called him a “madman,” she makes it clear in the chorus that she’s not interested in further press.

The image of Cardi B handcuffed to the neck is striking and chilling. It calls to mind the case of Aileen Wuornos, who murdered seven men between 1989 and 1990. The case was the basis for the movie Monster. When Cardi released her new song, she tweeted an image of Wuornos. The public viewed Wuornos as a soulless sex worker and monster. Cardi’s song is about being a monster.

Nicki Minaj’s rap rival Cardi has also been accused of several things. She was accused of calling a woman’s child a “monkey,” and calling women with darker skin colors roaches. Her rival has been arrested and reportedly is in jail. Despite the allegations against her, Cardi’s “pressed” song is a warning to her enemies.

it is a warning to her critics

Cardi B’s new song, “Press,” dropped at midnight on May 31. It’s the first single from her upcoming album, which is presumably the follow-up to her Grammy-winning debut Invasion of Privacy. The singer has been recovering from liposuction surgery, but it’s not clear if the new music video is related to the liposuction procedure. Meanwhile, Cardi has cancelled several concerts due to post-baby surgeries. That’s cost her millions of dollars in postponed shows.

Meanwhile, Cardi B has been doing a lot of publicity work and has released a new music video. In her new video, she channels the infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Aileen was a former sex worker who murdered seven men between 1989 and 1990. The movie “Monster” was inspired by her crime spree. Cardi’s song “Press” features a reference to this notorious serial killer. Wuornos was convicted of six murders, but later confessed to them. She said she did so out of self-defense. Wuornos’ conviction sparked an outraged response from the public, who saw the film “Monster” and assumed it was about a psychopath.

After the Grammys, Cardi B was reportedly given a new management group, which includes Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “Pee” Thomas. Cardi will be part of the Quality Control family, which already includes Lil Yachty and Migos. The Atlanta-based management team has been on a roll in the past few years, and has modeled its business after Cash Money and No Limit.

While she’s a rising star, the censorship scandal has weakened her appeal. Cardi’s “WAP” song is notorious for its raunchy lyrics. Engineers at Atlantic recorded a “clean” version, but the song still remains too racy for broadcast. While the censored version garnered the most views, the dirty version may become the first uncensored No. 1 single of all time.

it is a warning to her enemies

In the music video for Cardi B’s latest single, “Press,” the rapper lashes out at her enemies, but it’s not quite a fight song, since she doesn’t refer to anyone as her enemy. Instead, the title of the song suggests that Cardi is open to violence, but the video’s message is much more direct. “Press” is also a warning to her enemies, but she doesn’t follow Trump’s lead, calling him a madman. And, as she says in the chorus, “I don’t need any more press,” she is aiming to send a message to her enemies.

“Press” is a song released by Cardi B on her Genius page. It’s a warning to her enemies and an ode to her fans. The song has an ominous tone and is accompanied by a video that shows the rapper in handcuffs, walking through a crowd of men. In addition to addressing her critics, the video is also a warning to her enemies.

“Press” is Cardi B’s first solo single since Money (2018). Cardi teased the music video on Monday, teasing a mugshot of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, which inspired the film Monster. Wuornos, a former sex worker, murdered seven men in a span of six years and inspired the 2004 movie “Monster”. Cardi’s song is a warning to her enemies, and a sexy video for her new single will likely get people talking.

it was directed by Jora Frantzis

Cardi B’s new music video is out, and it’s definitely not your average pop music video. Produced by KeY Wane and Slade Da Monsta, the new video shows the Bronx star facing the police and standing trial. The video also features scenes of Cardi dancing and being surrounded by crowds of adoring fans. The video is very NSFW, so be warned.

Cardi B recently released her latest single, “Press”, and the accompanying music video has gained massive popularity. The video features nude dancers and is directed by Jora Frantzis. This video has more than 73 MILLION views and it has even received praises from critics. Cardi B has a reputation for releasing striking videos, and this latest one is no exception.

The video’s style is both stylish and brutal, but it is also incredibly empowering. The song has already received 25 million streams on YouTube, and the video is no exception. Jora Frantzis has a knack for creating visually stunning, edgy music videos and has a knack for finding the best talent for a particular project.

Cardi B’s new video was teased in late 2018 after Offset and Jade, Offset’s baby mama, was accused of attacking two bartenders in a strip club in Queens. The actress denied the accusations and pleaded not guilty. Offset’s girlfriend Jade is also accused of sleeping with Cardi B in an inmate.

it was released on March 22

March 22 is the 81st day of the year, or 82nd in leap years. There are 284 days left in 2019. In 2018, there were no big releases, although there were some notable films released that day. The New York Times published a series of articles about the day and the movies that aired on that day. Among the movies released on this day: “Squid Noir” and “Scavenger Pants.”