Rascal Flatts is actually an American folk-rock band. Formed in 1999, the group includes Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox, and Joe Don Rooney. Jay De Marcus is a guitarist and vocalist, while Gary LeVox is a bassist and guitar player. DeMarcus also has a background in opera, previously appearing on stage with The Lion King’s Theme Band in Disney’s animated film Finding Nemo. Joe Don Rooney plays the keyboards.

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In the words of one song from their self titled album, “Rascal”, the band members referred to themselves as “our country girls”. In that song, they also express a desire to be the country music singers that they once were, but could not because of circumstances. That circumstance is the fact that their mother did not like their music and tried to get them to change. However, the girls remained true to their roots and they have since gone on to become some of the best country musicians of this era. On their first major release, they came out with the single “Rhythm of Love” which instantly became an international sensation.

A major part of their popularity came from the video for the single “Workin’ For the Man”. This video features a man who has lost his mind and is dancing along to this song while he is being verbally attacked by another man. It is a fantastic video that is funny and at the same time very sad. Because it tells a story that everyone can relate to, it became an immediate hit and reached number one on the country charts. Surprisingly, it did not even need a music video.

Another song that reached the top five was “Reynolds High School Confession”, a song that tells of a young girl who was forced to give up her Christian faith for a group of friends she was going to be in. She talks about how she felt as if she had let down her family and herself and the song just kind of rescues her. It ends with her reciting the Lord’s Prayer but in a rather silly tone. It did go to number one on the country charts, but eventually it was taken out of circulation due to complaints from Christians.

The next song on the list of Rascal Flatts songs that went to the top five was “Melt Away”. This time around, it is about a boy who feels like he has to take on everything and anything to keep his existence alive. When he finally realizes what he has done to deserve his place in the world, he starts to cry, thinking that he has failed.

The next song on the list of Rascal Flatts songs that went to the top five is “Broken Road”. This is about a girl who gets a girl pregnant, but then has an abusive relationship outside of their marriage. She tries to get back home but gets lost along the way. The feelings of fear and panic begin to eat her away inside. At the end of the song, she finally makes it home but has to be driven through a terrible storm in order to do so. She eventually makes it out of the storm and starts on her journey towards a new life.

The last song on the list is “Love Song for You” by RC Lewis. This is actually the first single that he released after he got married to Lisa Marie. He had originally intended to record this with another artist but knew that it would not get past the first record deal. After putting a lot of effort into getting it to where it is now, he finally released it as a solo artist. Because it is a love song, it has become one of his most well known songs.

Overall, this is a collection of some of Carla’s best songs from her career. The first single, “Broken Road”, is about what it feels like today to have your heart broken. The second single, “Love Song for You”, is about going through a divorce with someone that you love. The last single, “The End of Love,” is about how you move forward after the break up. These are some of my personal favorites from Carla’s career that I would definitely recommend listening to.