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Carol King Songs

Carole King is an American folk singer songwriter who got active in the late 1958, first as part of the group circle in the Brill Building in New York City and later as a solo artist. Born in Trinidad, King grew up in Louisiana, where her family had been relocated for a time. She went to college in Mississippi, earning a degree in English literature.

After moving to New York City she began working with folk musicians and performers, including such notable people as Ella Fitzgerald. It was there that she finally decided to put together a band with the same name. King along with her bandmates maintained a steady touring schedule over the course of several years, which resulted in some excellent albums. In addition to her music, she also contributed score songs to movies, such as Mary Poppens’ You Can’t Put The Liars Back In Her Bed. As an actress, Carole King made appearances in films such as Sabrina, Forgetting About Stuff, Grease, and Saturday Night Fever.

A favorite of hers is “You’re Never Too Young”, which became a number one hit in 1958. It can be found as a part of a compilation called Simply Yours, which is due to be re-releases on various occasions through the coming years. As of today, the acoustic version of this classic is the only one known to still be in print. This means that even more classic Carole King songs may be discovered in future years.

In addition to these well-known songs, King also produced a large number of sound recordings throughout her career. Some of those are the earliest cuts from her “vocals” repertoire. Other songs were more experimental efforts, using acoustic instruments, keyboards, and various other sounds. In her mid-career years, she also tried out an electric guitar, an attempt that earned her some serious brownie points in the music world. All of these efforts helped to establish Carole King as a much respected and beloved performer in the pop arena.

In addition to her numerous hit singles, King also produced some less famous songs throughout her career. “I’m A Major Thinker” became a number four hit for herself and here she is, discussing politics with George along the way. She also appeared on several Beatles songs, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, and “I’m a Believer”.

One song that is frequently cited as her best work by many fans is “Cocaine”, written for her great friend and fellow artist, Paul Simon. The track won three Grammys including Best Rock Performance. “Cocaine” also appeared on Simon’s first album, All Along the Watchtower. After several years away from the spotlight, Simon returned to the limelight with an album entitled sonic Youth. The band’s last album, featuring a collaboration with producer Geoff Downes, resulted in the chart-topping album Today.

Another very popular track that features Carole King is “You Are My Sunshine”, which was covered by The Who for their classic song “I Want To Break Free”. While “You Are My Sunshine” did not achieve mainstream success, it did receive a lot of airplay on the radio, particularly on the U.K.’s popular Radio 1. It was also re-recorded for the soundtrack of the movie, resulting in an even more successful film adaptation.

There are many other Carole King songs that have been recorded throughout her lengthy career. “Carol of the blue water” was covered by David Bowie on his self-titled album, and “I’m a Believer” was sung by the surviving members of The Who. She is also well-known for writing and performing songs for other artists, such as Rod Stewart and Don Henley. As an artist, she has achieved great success and has sold millions of copies of her own songs.