carry on jatta 2

A comedy of errors like Carry On Jatta 2 is a fun-filled film for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh, or you want to sit down and have a good time with your family, this film is sure to leave you with a sore jaw and aching stomach. This witty movie, which features a superb soundtrack, has been made by a talented team of writers, directors, and musicians. You can trust this movie to make you laugh – and then some.

Review of Carry On Jatta 2

If you enjoyed Carry On Jatta, you’ll probably be excited to see the sequel. While this movie has a few flaws, it is still a fun ride for the whole family to watch. The music is energetic and floor-tapping, and you’ll probably laugh out loud at some of the situations the characters find themselves in. But while the story is predictable, it is also hilarious.

The storyline of Carry On Jatta 2 is the same as its predecessor, but this time it takes place in Canada. Jass (Gippy Grewal) is a young man with the sole intention of moving to Canada. After many attempts to get a visa, he decides to marry a Canadian girl, Meet (Sonam Bajwa). Honey, meanwhile, runs a marriage bureau and introduces Jass to Meet. Unfortunately, this doesn’t end well for Jass, and he ends up being married to a Canadian woman before he can even move to Canada.

In addition to the witty dialogue, the stylized cinematography is absolutely superb. The actors are all exceptional, and the trio is in a class of their own. The film is not a serious film, but the comedy and camaraderie between the four pillars is fun and endearing. Carry On Jatta 2 is a fun family comedy that will have you laughing out loud at some of the most hilarious scenes in the movie.

Some critics say Carry On Jatta 2 is the perfect sequel to the hit film, despite the fact that it is based on the same actors. Many of the characters and situations in the film are hilarious and the film also features a dummy cow and buffalo. However, it does have some flaws. The movie is still a fun watch, but you may have to be a true fan of the original Carry On Jatta.

A stellar line-up of Punjabi comedians is also featured in the film, including Gippy Garewal and Sonam Bajwa. The film’s witty dialogues and amusing analogies make it a must-see for any movie lover. Despite the flaws, Carry On Jatta 2 still deserves its cult status, and the fact that it doesn’t share a plot with its prequel is one of its many strengths.

Comedy of errors

While many Indians love the wit and wackiness of Kapil Sharma’s TV shows, some critics found them to be racist and sexist. Carry on Jatta 2 has a much more realistic approach to the comedy genre. It features great chemistry between the four pillars of the film. And, as with its predecessor, it’s chock full of laughs.

A comedy of errors like this one is not for those who love logical jokes. However, if you’re not into logical quips, Carry On Jatta 2 will still keep you laughing throughout. The story revolves around Jass, an orphan who dreams of moving to Canada, and an NRI girl named Meet who wants to marry a man with a large family. Jass connives with his friend Honey to piggyback on Dhillon’s son Goldy, a lawyer landlord. This leads to several hilarious confusions regarding who is who and what is real.


After the success of Carry On Jatta, a sequel has been announced and will hit screens on Friday. In the first film, Gippy played the role of a happy-go-lucky orphan, Jass. In this sequel, he meets a lovely NRI girl named Honey and they fall in love. A lot of surprises await the audience in Carry On Jatta 2.

The sequel to Carry On Jatta is a comedy of errors, and although the ending is a big letdown, it’s not without its laughs. The comic timings and idiotic plot are still enough to keep the audience entertained, but the comedy is missing. Nevertheless, this film is a comedy of errors, and you’ll find yourself laughing and confused throughout. It’s worth seeing, if you don’t mind some of its clunky jokes.

A new storyline is the key to a good Carry On Jatta movie, and the new one has plenty to offer. While it is true that the original movie was a comedy of errors, this second installment is a thoroughly fun and entertaining ride. The cast is full of energy and charm, and Smeep Kang is sure to keep the audience engaged throughout. This is a movie for all ages and tastes.

Carry On Jatta 2 has been widely hailed as a hit Punjabi film, and a sequel has taken that idea and run with it. This satire, which was a huge hit in 2012, focuses on the consequences of Jass lying to Mahie about his family. As you might expect, the movie is also about love, romance, and a love triangle. With a long cast and great performances, Carry On Jatta 2 is sure to win over fans and critics alike.

Punjabi comedy

The latest Punjabi comedy-drama, Carry On Jatta 2, is a witty romantic drama. The lead actors Gippy Grewal and Mahie Gill star in the story, which revolves around the confused and comical events that happen after Jass lies to Mahie about his love life. The film contains a mature theme and violence, so it’s best to go see it subtitled.

The movie picks up where the original film left off, and follows Jass, a poor orphan, as he decides to emigrate to Canada. Jass has tried to migrate to Canada before, but has been taunted by his landlord and his best friend Goldy. Jass decides to take a different route and marry a Canadian girl, who happens to be an NRI. The relationship between Jass and Honey begins to turn hilariously bad.

The film’s stellar line-up of Punjabi comedians brings the laughs. While the film’s dialogues aren’t as sharp and amusing as the first Carry on Jatta, the movie’s tight frames and crisp dialogue delivery keep the audience interested throughout the entire film. The film also has the benefit of having a stellar line-up of Punjabi actors. Its script and acting, despite its unorthodox plot, are absorbing and will keep you laughing for hours.