Casting Crowns only Christ is an award winning, Grammy Award winning Contemporary Christian rock band from California. Casting Crowns consists of seven members; vocalist/songwriter Jordan Bateman, guitarists Jay Shaw and Tommy Lee, bassist Ryan Winnebock and multi-instrumentalist Greg Pierpont. Casting Crowns formed around the time when young singer-songwriter Jay Shaw met guitar legend Tommy Lee. They became instant friends and worked together for many years playing guitar in various groups such as Powerline, Porcupine Tree, Reikon and Timbaland. Recently, they have reformed and are now signed to their own record labels: Island Records and Playtone.

The name of the band actually came from their first album cover titled “Crowns Only.” The original artwork depicted Jesus with a crown on his head. Over the years, the band has evolved into a true “church” style band due to their vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar performances. During a live performance, you can always tell that a member of the group is about to sing his or her lines. They tend to use falsetto instead of vocalizing in many of their songs.

While they are primarily a Christian-rock group, they have also written songs that are well suited for anybody who likes rock or country music. One song, entitled “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,” takes you on a journey through several key musical moments – from young love to an old age. This wonderful ballad makes you think about different aspects of your life. If you like smooth music coupled with powerful vocals, this is definitely an album worth checking out.

In addition to their lovely voice, this band knows how to play the guitar and is great at it. The guitar riffs that sound like they come from a modern blues outfit will have you dancing to their tune. They are masters of mixing modern sounds with traditional instruments. Their sound is upbeat yet very memorable.

Lead vocalist Jamie Cullum sings with passion as she belts out her lyrics and guitar work. She sounds as though she could be one of the best female vocalists in the industry today. Her ability to read the notes of the guitar and the way she manipulates the chords on the guitar is top notch. Music has never had a better female singer to front it.

Lead guitarist Jamie Cullum rocks out hard with his lead guitar playing. He has developed a sound that blends perfectly with his vocal performances. His guitar work is smooth and melodic. His songs have a rhythmic feeling to them as well. These songs have the right feel to make you feel as if you are on a journey. Jamie’s smooth vocals wash over you making you feel like you are looking at some great music as well.

Jesus Christ was an important part of music during his life. His message spread by word of mouth throughout his community. Through his songs, he gained new memberships in the Church. The songs that he sang were able to take on a life of their own as well.

Music can touch your heart in so many ways. This is true when hearing about someone like Jamie Cullum. Music helps people overcome obstacles. It can inspire change as well. Jamie has been able to use music as a means to change other lives as well. The impact of music is undeniable.

Music is able to lift people up. You can feel this when listening to some of Jamie’s music. He gives you hope with his words. He encourages people to believe in themselves. As you listen to some of his words, you will be encouraged to become more proactive in life.

The love of Jesus Christ touches many people. Some may choose to ignore this fact but that is their mistake. People who love the Lord are not able to do things by chance. They are not able to just wake up one day and expect to be successful.

Jamie’s ability to write lyrics has given him the opportunity to share his faith through his words. He is an individualistic artist. His songs display his personality. He loves to showcase the love of Christ through his art. People will enjoy his music.