Every one knows that the cost of insuring a motorist increases exponentially the younger they get. This is especially true for young drivers, who statistically get hit harder and faster than older more experienced drivers. This increase in rates is due in large part to statistical evidence that suggests the likelihood of a motorist being involved in an accident rises dramatically at age twenty-five or below. The cost of cheap car insurance for new drivers under 21 years old can be significantly reduced by doing a few simple things.

cheap car insurance for new drivers under 21

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle of cheap auto insurance is to simply have a clean driving record. A driver’s driving record is the single most important factor considered by insurance companies in determining how much coverage to charge them. If you have a good driving record, it is much more likely that you will not get into accidents or get an excessive amount of traffic tickets. Insurance companies view drivers with clean driving records as less risky, which means they are more likely to stay within the confines of the law and avoid unnecessary claims.

It is also a good idea to put some time aside when driving to and from work each day. Young drivers statistically get into more accidents than more experienced drivers, due in large part to inexperience. By driving to work every day, it is very easy to develop poor habits that lead to an increased risk of getting into an accident. For example, if you always go right turn on red lights, you put yourself in the line of fire. If you do not follow the rules of the road and speed, chances are you will get into an accident, no matter where you are going. Even among experienced drivers, it is much easier to become distracted behind the wheel of a car and lose control of the vehicle than it is to stay focused while driving on a busy highway.

In addition to taking proper care at home, you can also save money by taking a defensive driving class. This will help to demonstrate to potential insurance companies that you have taken safety precautions in the past, which will make you a lower risk. These classes are offered all over the United States and should not cost anything more than a couple hundred dollars. As a bonus, many of these schools also offer defensive driving lessons at the conclusion of the session, which is a great incentive as well. If you take the time to learn defensive driving skills, chances are your car insurance company will start offering discounts to you on a regular basis. This is a win-win situation for you and the insurance company.

The best way to find cheap car insurance for new drivers is to shop around. Since insurance rates vary from one company to the next, comparison shopping is the only way to go to guarantee you find the lowest rates possible. If you currently have car insurance, you should contact your provider and see what they have to offer you. Many providers have special promotions and deals for new drivers, so it’s likely that they can provide you with a lower rate than what you are currently paying.

Another thing to consider is your driving record. If you are looking for cheap auto insurance for young drivers, consider cutting back on the amount of driving that you do each week. This may seem like a drastic measure, but it can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Drivers who are constantly behind the wheel of their vehicle on a daily basis have a greater risk of getting into accidents and having costly accidents. You are much less likely to get into an accident if you don’t have to be behind the wheel.

On your own, you won’t know how much money you are spending on insurance until you actually check it out. However, by comparing your insurance quotes online, you can quickly figure out how much of a difference switching companies can make. With more than one company to choose from, it’s very likely that you can save money. Just make sure that you compare a wide variety of rates before making a decision.

New drivers often have to pay higher rates because they are considered as high-risk drivers by certain car insurance companies. However, there are ways that you can get cheap car insurance for new drivers under 21. With some time and effort, you can find good rates from good companies by shopping around online for the best prices.