Finding cheap car insurance for students is easier than ever. Just follow these simple tips. You can get cheap car insurance from various companies, including GEICO, USAA, Metromile, Endsleigh, and Metromile. If you’re a college student, you can save money on your insurance by adding a more experienced driver to your policy. If you can reduce the number of hours you spend driving, you can reduce your premium as well.


Geico provides discounts for students to reduce the cost of car insurance. There are three major discounts offered by this insurance company: good driver discount, affinity membership discount, and good student discount. A good driver discount can be obtained for students who have maintained a clean driving record. Good student discounts can be acquired if a student is a full-time student, but part-time students cannot apply. The good student discount is available only to full-time students, but it can be used if a student has a good GPA.

To qualify for this discount, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in order to qualify for the good student discount. This discount does not apply to high school students who are not in college. High school students must maintain a ‘B’ average or better to qualify. The discount cannot be used for policyholders who are older than 26. But there are other discounts available to students. They can stay on their parent’s policy or increase their deductibles.

Both Geico and Progressive offer usage-based insurance programs, which monitor your driving behavior and adjust your rates accordingly. These programs do not come with guarantees, however. For example, the “sign online” discount offered by Geico is only valid for students who have not yet had an accident or a DWI. But this discount may not be enough for drivers with multiple vehicles. The other discount offered by Geico is a student discount.

For students, Geico offers the cheapest auto insurance premiums. A full-coverage car insurance premium for a 16-year-old student can cost as little as $651 per year. The company takes into account several factors to determine an insurance rate and offers student discounts for participating in college-centered organizations. The good student discount is worth looking into because it can save up to 15% of the premium. The good student discount is especially beneficial for young drivers.


When you’re a college student looking for cheap car insurance, you can find it at USAA. This company is an excellent choice for many reasons. The rates are low, and they also offer discounts for being a student, such as the good student discount, driver’s education discount, and defensive driver discount. You can even save a little bit of money by bundling your home insurance with your car insurance through USAA.

Many auto insurance companies consider students to be high-risk drivers because they lack experience. A lack of experience correlates with a higher risk of accidents and insurance claims, which is why they give student drivers lower auto insurance rates. The student discount at USAA is for those under 25 who are attending a college or university full time and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. You can also receive additional student discounts if you’re a student over 25.

In addition to student discounts, you may also qualify for discounts specific to young drivers. Ask your insurance agent for a list of these discounts. Other ways to lower your insurance premium include a good driving history and a safe driving record. You can also use an insurer’s car tracking app to earn points for safe driving. Keeping a good driving record will lower your premium, as will being consistent. Once you’ve paid for your car insurance, you can add your student to your policy.

When purchasing car insurance for students, it’s best to take into account the amount of driving the student will be doing. Liability insurance covers damage you cause to others, but doesn’t cover injuries to yourself. Comprehensive and collision coverages protect your car in the case of an accident. Some plans also provide roadside assistance, which can be very helpful when you’re stranded in an emergency. If your student is living in another state, consider adding the coverage for them.


If you’re a student and looking for cheap car insurance, Endsleigh may be the company for you. These insurers are well known for offering student discounts and specialise in insurance policies for young drivers and international students. However, they are also relevant to those in full-time education. For students, Endsleigh offers a range of different benefits, including cover for temporary drivers, discounts on annual premiums, and even insurance for young drivers under the age of 25.

Endsleigh is the UK’s leading student insurance provider, and is one of only two providers to be officially recommended by the NUS. They’ve been around for over 50 years and have managed to build up a loyal following thanks to their affordable insurance products. They also offer a comprehensive range of products and are financially stable, which is important for students. With their affordable car insurance for students, it’s no wonder they’re the most popular choice for university students in the UK.

Although Endsleigh’s site features testimonials from customers, official complaints data are the best way to check a company’s performance. The company received 3,039 complaints in 2016, closed 29% of them within three days, and resolved 28% of them within eight weeks. While Endsleigh’s policies may seem expensive, they offer discounts for servicing and MOTs, so young drivers can afford them without breaking the bank.

The number one advantage of Endsleigh’s cheap car insurance for students is their dedication to the student lifestyle. Nearly half of all university students have been protected by Endsleigh, through their accommodation provider. To confirm that you’re covered, you can download the My Endsleigh app and check your policy details. Then go and enjoy your new car – your new friend or a much-needed break.


Student drivers who live in states where Metromile is available can find very cheap car insurance by utilizing their pay-per-mile insurance plans. This kind of insurance is typically more expensive if you drive more than 10,000 miles per year, so it’s important to consider the amount you drive. Similarly, Metromile only insures personal vehicles, not commercial vehicles or rideshare services. However, Metromile offers the same basic coverage as most other insurers.

Unlike other policies, Metromile offers pay-per-mile insurance for college students. The monthly premium is a combination of a standard cost and a per-mile fee. Students who drive fewer miles per year can save up to $611 a year using this type of insurance plan. Unlike many other types of insurance, however, this style of insurance is not for everyone. You must be careful when comparing pay-per-mile insurance plans.

While Metromile has the lowest monthly rate for college students, it is not the best choice for those with bad driving records. Its rates are based on your actual driving habits. Consequently, students with poor driving records may benefit more from this kind of plan. Also, you can save money by switching to Dairyland or Liberty Mutual if you’ve never had an accident or been in an accident. Just make sure that you are careful when driving to avoid paying too much.

You should look for a company that offers a pay-per-mile plan for students, as this type of insurance can save students a lot of money. This type of insurance is ideal if you do not drive more than three thousand miles per year. It will save you money on other costs of car ownership. Also, many carriers will give a discount for student drivers based on their GPA, age, and other factors.

State Farm

For young drivers, a state farm cheap car insurance policy can save you money. The company offers several discounts to students, including good grades, completing a driver education course, and driving a vehicle only when home. These discounts are aimed at providing affordable coverage to young drivers, who normally pay as much as eighty percent more than other drivers. Statistics show that inexperience is directly correlated with higher accident risk. To qualify for these discounts, you must be a student or under 25 years old.

To qualify for the best discounts, young drivers must complete driver education courses. Those who successfully complete the course must provide evidence of completion. Students who maintain good grades can save as much as 25 percent on their State Farm car insurance. For good grades, they should provide grade statements from college or report cards. Another discount is available for new drivers under the age of 25. The Steer Clear program is designed to reward safe drivers with lower insurance rates.

In addition to discount auto insurance, the company also offers discounts for accident-free and educated drivers. By offering these discounts to their customers, they are viewed as lower risk drivers by insurance companies. A State Farm customer with at least three years accident-free records is eligible for a 25 percent discount. Those who have taken a defensive driving course may also qualify for discounts. To save even more money, you may wish to combine your State Farm auto insurance with a different policy from another company.

When comparing quotes, consider what discounts you can obtain from each company. State Farm is a good choice for students who are enrolled in school and aren’t involved in any traffic violations. They also offer a good driver discount to young people who drive safely. This discount is particularly useful if you have no traffic violations on your record. Additionally, State Farm is offering a mobile app that lets you track your driving habits and adjust your rates.