It may be possible to pay less month by month car insurance premium by getting a longer policy. There are numerous companies that offer car insurance for short periods which may be less than a year and in some cases such short policies may be the ideal option. To find out if this type of coverage would be right for you, take a look at these benefits and drawbacks below.

EXCESS coverage is the most common. This coverage covers damage to another person’s vehicle caused by you. You will be covered for both physical and personal damages. For instance, an elderly person hitting their car may not qualify for this type of coverage because it doesn’t affect them. However, if your new car is financed, any damage to your auto insurance policy made as a result of this clause will be reported to your lender.

FREE Quotes For Auto Insurance. A lot of people prefer to get free quotes so they can compare various types of policies and coverage. Free auto insurance quotes can also help you determine what type of policy is appropriate for your current situation. By obtaining as many auto insurance quotes as possible, you will be able to make an informed decision about what kind of plan you need for your situation.

TROPOLOIDS coverage is not available with a one-month policy. If you currently have a policy that covers your vehicle, then you must decide if you want to modify your existing policy to cover the cost of your new vehicle. Many people choose to keep their existing policy until they need to purchase a new one, but others decide to cancel it before they are due for renewal.

Your Monthly Payment For One Month Car Insurance Quotes. The price you pay for a one-month vehicle insurance policy will be different from the price you would pay for a standard vehicle insurance policy. Since you are getting your insurance policy for a one month instead of a year, your premium will be higher. Keep in mind that this higher premium can help you lower your monthly payment and deductible if you make modifications to your vehicle or add items to your existing policy.

How You Can Get Rates From Different Companies. Because you are getting insurance for a one-month instead of a year, the prices from most insurance companies will be higher. However, this does not mean that all companies will offer you the same price on the same type of coverage. There are many factors that determine how much an insurance company will charge you, such as: the type of vehicle you drive; where you live; your age; the number of drivers you have on your policy; and how often you drive your vehicle.

Where You Drive. If you own an SUV, you may be able to qualify for a one-month car insurance plan since the automobile is considered a high-risk vehicle. Because it is more expensive to repair an SUV in the event of a collision, insurance companies will charge a higher monthly premium to protect themselves against loss. If you are driving an ordinary vehicle that is rarely involved in accidents, your monthly premiums may also be lower.

Who You Choose to Have on Your Policy. The type of driver you choose to have on your insurance policy can also affect how much you will have to pay for your premiums. Young inexperienced drivers who have not had a driver’s license for more than three months are often charged with very high premiums because their chances of being in an accident are extremely high. To save money on your monthly car insurance quotes, consider selecting a company that offers a discount for age and how long a driver has been on the road.