Cheapest Used Cars To Insure – It’s common knowledge that brand new cars start to lose value right away when you first drive them off of the showroom lot, which is why so many consumers choose to buy used vehicles rather than brand new ones. Cash& Driver reviewed the cheapest used cars to insure in 2021 model year vehicles, and the top saving areas were again those of the used Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester XJ, Honda Civic, Ford Focus, and Toyota Camry. In addition to the four vehicle categories mentioned above, the site ranked the cheapest used cars to insure across all models by providing comparative quotes based on a number of factors. These factors included price, safety rating, body type and interior materials used.

cheapest used cars to insure

You can save quite a bit of money when purchasing a used car compared to buying new. The key, however, is to take care of the maintenance of the vehicle you buy and keep the engine tuned up to optimal levels and your tires rotated. The biggest discounts that are given to drivers who purchase their vehicles used are for those who pay less for their coverage. Cash& Driver found that the Insurance Department allows vehicle owners to deduct the cost of insuring their vehicle if they have kept the vehicle under the warranty for five years or more.

The cheapest used cars to insure are often those with higher safety ratings, such as the Accord or Civic. The Insurance grades that are assigned to vehicles based on statistics are known as crash test ratings. The higher the score, the better the safety of the vehicle. According to Cash& Driver, the Accord and Civic scored higher than other vehicles on this particular factor. Since more people are becoming more aware of the need to drive safer vehicles, the rates for the Accord and Civic are expected to drop in coming years.

Another way to get a cheaper rate for your used vehicle is to increase the deductible. The deductible is what you would pay first should an accident occur, regardless of who is at fault. Increasing the deductible will actually lower your monthly premium payments by a percentage. This works well if you can afford to make the monthly payments after the deductible has been increased. Since you don’t incur any additional costs after choosing this option, you end up saving money in the long run.

If you are looking to insure a newer vehicle, the best deals may be found online. Since there are so many more vehicles on the market, it makes sense that the insurance rates for these newer vehicles are higher. This, however, isn’t always the case. Cash& Driver suggest that you compare several different companies and online quotes to find out who offers the best deal on a new or used vehicle.

One of the most expensive categories of vehicles to insure is luxury vehicles. The high cost of maintaining luxury sports cars means that owners often have to pay a hefty insurance premium to protect their investment. However, there are ways to lower your insurance premium on these types of sports cars. Consider insuring your sports car for less or adding anti-theft devices to your car to reduce the risk of theft.

Some more common cars that are considered expensive but less safe to drive, include luxury cars and SUVs. High quality sports cars such as Mercedes cars and BMWs are examples of SUVs. They also tend to have higher insurance rates than some other types of vehicles. If you want to save money on your auto insurance premium, consider buying a low quality SUV such as a Ford Fiesta. Purchasing a cheaper car that is also a higher quality will help you get a better rate.

If you’re looking for a less expensive car to buy to help save money on auto insurance rates, look into purchasing a used Honda Civic. Many people who are looking for cheap used cars to insure also want to find the cheapest used cars to insure, and the Honda Civic fit the bill. The Civics are known for being dependable little cars that are easy to care for. While they aren’t the fastest cars on the road, if you purchase a used Honda Civic you can get it fixed up and start saving money on your auto insurance policy. If you want a cheaper car with a reliable engine and good gas mileage, a Civics small engine might be just what you need to help you get a cheap used car to insure.