Why it’s a Good Idea: For the best protection you should always have some form of temporary house insurance. There are many advantages to this cover and as a homeowner, you should consider what your options are. The amount you’ll need to insure your home is completely up to you and can be low or high depending on your circumstances. Comparing Home Insurance #Make a Smart Choice for Your Home

temporary house insurance

I’ve received a lot of replies… from people who want to know if it’s worth it to have insurance cover for your “home-away-from-home”. In short they’re asking is insurance for a “temporary” house insurance worth it? To answer that question we need to look at the differences between fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only. As you’ll see there are many differences…

Fully Comp Bodied House Insurance: Compare Home Insurance #Make A Smart Choices For Your Home. If you already have a Third Party, Theft or Comprehensive Property Coverage policy with an insurance company then you can opt to include the optional additional hire car cover from the same insurer. Just tell your provider when you renew your existing house insurance policy that you do want the additional cover and they will give you a quote for their standalone policies. Make sure you don’t cancel your other policies before switching over to the new one.

Third Party Only House Insurance: When it comes to purchasing insurance policies such as fire and theft, earthquake etc. then there are two types of insurance policies – Third Party Only and Third Party Fire and Theft. Third party only house insurance policies provide you with cover for damage and loss to your home but no personal possessions. The amount is not for rebuild cost. It’s just protection against your liability. This type of cover is highly unlikely to be included in your current house insurance cover.

Third Party Fire and Theft: Similar to Third Party Only House Insurance, it provides you with protection for damage and loss to your home and is not for rebuild costs. However, it does provide you with liability coverage which is usually required when taking out any form of insurance. In the unfortunate event of fire, theft or damage to a part of your home, this form of house insurance policies covers your personal possessions. Usually you will have this coverage with your current home insurance company. You may also want to check out how much the insurance company you are buying from is asking for their standard homeowners policy as opposed to a specific third party fire and theft policy.

Contacting Us: Sometimes we get a question from customers who are unsure about something. We have seen hundreds of cases like these over the years and in these cases, sometimes contacting us sooner rather than later could be the best option. Usually, insurance companies only allow one groupamma free to contact them, even if you are just a contact number. However, contacting us gives us the opportunity to ask you any questions you may have, so we can give you the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

Aviva: These two insurance companies are amongst the most popular and well respected in the industry. Aviva is a global property and casualty insurance company based in Ireland, while Aviva is an Irish life insurance company. Aviva provides property and casualty cover both in Ireland and overseas. This is their main website and you should take a look below.

NF Certified Products: A few people have asked us about getting a replacement for their home insurance cover but did not really know whether they needed one or not. This means they did not check out the criteria from the insurance company. We replied:” NF Certified products are an ideal solution for those who do not qualify for traditional buildings insurance. They are also very useful for those looking to replace their current house insurance cover, especially since they are at no cost to you, although you may have to pay for the replacement product.” If you would like more information on how you can benefit from these certified products, you can contact us by email or visit our website.