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Dave Ramsey – Debt Free eBook Review

Dave Ramsey’s Secrets of Total Control was originally published in his book The Missing Secret: How to Get Your finances back under control. In this book he talks about how many times people blame their poor financial situation on bad luck. He says that we are not born with the knowledge of how to manage our resources and therefore it is up to us to find a way to help ourselves out of our financial difficulties. He believes that once you have learned these skills, you will find it very easy to attain financial freedom. The truth is that there are many people who believe that they are financially stable only to find that circumstances quickly alter and they end up in deep financial trouble. Dave talks about how by adopting these helpful and effective strategies you can learn to be debt free as soon as possible.

He says that many times when you make a lot of money you think that your money has all been spent and there is nothing left. If you keep this thought in your mind you will be more inclined to spend money without thinking. The book talks about how by adopting the right attitude you will find that money does not run out and instead it is just wisely used. The author says that you can easily become wealthy by just putting your mind to it.

Another great thing about this book is that it helps you to change your limiting beliefs around money. For instance if you have a belief that you only need one dollar to get by, you will find it very hard to get out of debt. On the other hand if you believe that ten dollars is a lot of money, you will be able to use this wealth to expand your life. By changing the way you think around money you will realize that the money you do have truly is wealth.

Another thing that the Money Master book teaches is how to utilize credit wisely. Credit is a very useful tool but it can also be used to cause serious financial problems if one does not know how to use it properly. It will teach you that you should not only keep a positive attitude towards debt, but you should also monitor your credit accounts to ensure that you are not maxing out on any of the available credit lines. It will help you by giving you information about the best way to manage your credit so that you do not accumulate too much debt.

Dave also explains why many people feel frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to their finances. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest causes is that they do not have a clear picture of where their money is going. They often do not even have a good idea as to what is going into their bank account at the end of the month. They may also not have an understanding as to what their budget looks like. The author has put together a comprehensive financial plan that makes it easy to understand exactly how you are going to get out of debt.

The debt can seem overwhelming but there are ways to combat it. You need to gather all of your monthly bills and work them into one total amount. This includes all of your credit card charges as well as any car payment. This will give you a much more concise statement to work with. The budget is also broken down by category so that you can see at a glance if your income can afford any of these things.

A big part of the plan is for you to set a reasonable spending limit for yourself. You can also save up money and pay off all of your debts through the plan. It helps you stay focused on getting out of debt and also gives you peace of mind by giving you the freedom to live your life without worry.

Anyone can get out of debt. Even those who have never handled money have learned how to do it through Dave’s financial teachings. You can change your financial life for the better. It will help you to finally be free of all of your debts today.