life insurance for smokers

Do You Need Life Insurance for Smokers?

Life insurance for smokers is often more affordable than life insurance for non-smokers. Most people purchase life insurance for their families to help defray the costs of a funeral and to provide a death benefit should they die unexpectedly. Some smokers don’t like the idea of paying high premiums every year to ensure that their family will still be able to pay their bills in case they are not around to pay. Other people don’t mind the premiums because they know that they will have their family covered no matter what happens to them.

Smoking marijuana is a controversial issue. Many people think that smoking pot can cause cancer or other serious health problems. The truth is that marijuana is not good for you. Smoking pot can also affect an individual’s performance at work, his or her driving, and even their ability to perform other tasks. If an individual can’t keep marijuana usage under control then he or she may be better off purchasing life insurance.

Smoking marijuana is illegal in most states. Those who continue to smoke marijuana on a regular basis to increase the risk of developing lung cancer and other diseases. Some companies offer cheaper life insurance for regular marijuana smokers. However, those who only use marijuana recreationally or for special occasions may be charged with higher rates. Insurance companies consider anyone who smokes pot at least two times a month to be an individual who is abusing the substance. Statistics show that this number increases to four times in men and three times in women.

Tobacco use is strongly associated with heart disease and cancer. Statistics show that people who smoke cigars have a thirty times greater chance of developing heart disease over those who do not smoke. Smokers also have a greater risk of developing lung cancer. People who are current tobacco users also are more likely to develop gum disease than people who don’t smoke. This is because cigarettes and cigars leave nicotine in the system and can be difficult to remove from the body.

Smokers also have a higher chance of having an asthma attack or developing emphysema. According to the American Association for Cancer Research, tobacco use has nearly tripled the chances of developing advanced cancer. Smokers are also at a higher risk of dying from pneumonia and oral cavities. Smokers have been found to have damaged the inner layer of the lungs called the epithelium. This layer of tissue is responsible for protecting the body from infections.

Life insurance for former smokers may be more difficult to find. In general insurance companies are less likely to offer coverage to people who smoke cigars or former drinkers. However, if you find a life insurance company that offers coverage for former smokers you should not hesitate to purchase it. The insurance premiums are much less than they would be for someone who never smoked or had not consumed any alcohol.

It is important to note that not all insurers actually offer this kind of coverage. Many only offer it to former smokers who agree to a specific deductible. There are also insurers that only cover a small percentage of premiums for these policies. Before purchasing life insurance for people who smoke or who chew tobacco, you should get as many quotes as possible. Shop around for the best price and coverage.

Term life insurance is also an option for smokers and former cigarette smokers. Unlike whole life insurance, there is no investment element in term life. Instead, term insurance premiums are paid according to the age of the insured at the time of the coverage. This type of policy is less expensive than other options but can be less than desirable, if the insured does not outlive the policy. An affordable policy is required.