“Don Jon” is the third film in the “True Blood” series, and like the other two installments, it’s based on a true story. The movie chronicles the life of hulking California bachelor Don Jon (Irishman Peter Mullen), who becomes a born again Christian and goes to work for his cousin’s porn conglomerate. While there, he discovers a sex worker named Trudy Styler (Adriaanse Dynamite) who also happens to be a major player in the underground adult entertainment industry. When Jon brings her to the company, he learns that she can turn him into a top porn star, as well as give him sexual pleasure in ways that just physical intimacy cannot provide.

Jon and Trudy find themselves falling in love with each other in real life – and in the porn version of their love life. But when a crazy fan kills her ex-boyfriend, she flees from him and moves in with Jon. Their new life starts to take shape, and when a string of murders occurs in the area, the investigation takes an odd turn. The two detectives who join forces with Jon include a rather unlikely set of people: Corrine Barlow (essentially Snow White), Deuce Gorgon (Eddie Murphy), and a very pregnant woman with a history of killing strippers.

Don Jon and the Great Potato Famine are a funny movie in which the main characters enjoy a wide range of sex toys. There are kinky sex toys for anal sex, nipple clamps, vibrators for foreplay, and even “the big one” – a giant penis for some men. It’s probably best to avoid explicit depictions of sex acts unless you want to see the film using your favorite clips. But the movie takes place in Jon’s home town of London, so there are plenty of adult scenes, including lots of nipple glitter and at least one episode of strip tease. The sex is generally steamy but not gory or pornographic.

The story is broken up with many different scenes. One has Jon and Trudy’s mother coming to stay after Jon’s parents leave for a fishing trip in the lake. They spend time alone, talking, and making plans. Then Jon’s mom calls him, upset that Trudy did not return from her trip – she thinks she knows where she is.

Jon tries to convince her that she’s just being paranoid, but she won’t believe him. Jon goes off to college, where his father continues to work late and neglect him. He starts hanging around with Trudy’s new boyfriend, a photographer. Things go well until one night Jon and the guy come back from a date and are arrested for trespassing on a woman’s lawn. Their friendship is ruined.

Jon ends up working odd jobs, sleeping with lots of women (one of them his best friend), drinking heavily, and losing all his money. After a failed attempt to win back Trudy he starts seeing a new girl in the mail. Everything seems fine for a while – until he gets busted by the authorities. This film shows Jon’s desperate need to get his life back together and how he feels about letting go of everything he once considered dear to himself.

No one talks about Don Jon in the press or on TV. Most people have never heard of him, except for his friends. He hangs out with his “friends” at college and even dated some of their student members. The film itself is very slow, as we come to see Jon’s transformation. The more we see him, the more disgusted we get. There’s a lot of criticism of modern society and the sexual tension it inspires, but Don Jon lives every bit of it, and that says a lot about the times.

Don Jon – The Lost Weekend is a terrific movie from start to finish. Not only is it a great romantic comedy but it’s also a funny movie (and a sparkling look at human nature). Jon makes a great addition to the long list of great films coming out this summer. The film itself doesn’t receive the commercial attention that some of the other movies of the last decade have received (although it does come highly recommended by many. That only adds to the film’s charm.