In Dragonball Super, a new story of Goku and his fellow Saiyans is introduced. With Goku now defeated and Earth now restored, the heroes have settled down into ordinary lives again, this time meaning being a farmer. They cannot get too comfortable in their new surroundings since more villains are on the way. Enter Goku, the strongest fighter still around, who once again awakens from a deep meditation to find out a prophesied threat from space. This time, his quest leads him to Earth where he encounters a being stronger than he is: a purple giant known as Beerus.

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However, there is more to Beerus than his physical appearance. This being a being of great power, he uses his size and strength to intimidate others. Thus, Goku must work his way up to fight this being and win. In so doing, he finds himself up against a rival whom he has never seen before: a bald, blue-skinned boy.

In the first few chapters, Goku barely manages to defeat an alien who resembles Frieza. He later has to fight and subdue another who resembles a purple scaled Shenzu. Shenzu appears to be strong enough to be Beerus’ rival, but only until Goku steps in and proves that he can fight. The two fight, with Goku ultimately becoming the victor.

However, Shenzu’s arrival isn’t the end of it. Goku gets possessed by a Shenzu Fruit, allowing him to transform into a powerful being even greater than Frieza. However, Frieza soon gets control of the Dragon Balls, and then tricks Goku into eating one. When he tries to use the balls to fight Shenzu, Goku transforms into a Shenzu fruit. As a result, Shenzu is forced to retreat back to his planet.

The series then goes back to the original battle with Frieza. During this battle, Goku tries to use the Shenzu Fruit to defeat Frieza. He does, however, get tossed around throughout the planet. Eventually, he got tired and decided to take a nap. Fortunately, Goku woke up in the cockpit of Frieza’s ship and was given some assistance by Frieza. He then fights Frieza alone, using his final form to great effect.

Throughout the series, we see a lot of back story added to the characters. This is especially true for Goku, as he slowly found himself falling in love with Chi-Chi. His relationship with Chi-Chi developed greatly throughout the series. We also see other supporting characters such as Frieza’s henchman and a woman with a large tattoo on her stomach. It is really interesting to see the back history that goes along with Dragonball Super.

In Dragonball Super, episode 5, we finally get to see what happened to Goku after he was blasted into space. After being sent drifting helplessly by Frieza, Goku is captured by the revived Frieza. Here, Frieza starts to torture and experiment on Goku, trying to discover a way to completely subdue him. This proves to be very effective as Frieza easily subverts Goku into his slave, making it necessary for Goku to fuse with someone else to free himself. In the end, Goku manages to escape from Frieza, and he and Frieza part on good terms once again.

The series ended with an exciting conclusion. The battle was fantastic, with both sides really coming out on top. The special effects were great as well. Dragonball Super may not have many story elements, but it is still an excellent cartoon which many children are enjoying.

The series finale featured the return of Goku and Frieza as they put everything they had against each other in a last great battle. This time, Goku managed to win thanks to the help of Frieza who used his final energy blast against Goku. The two return to the planet to exact vengeance on each other. Both are defeated by Goku, however, and the series conclusion is concluded.

The series finale starts off with Goku having a vision of his past self. After hearing this, Goku flies off to his future where he realizes he isn’t so sure he wants to go back and finish the series. However, when he arrives, he finds that Goku has fused with Piccolo. Goku then transforms into a fighter pilot, and he battles Piccolo and Frieza. Eventually, Goku gets the upper hand and easily overpowers Piccolo and Frieza, who are now transformed into their evil counterparts. Goku then uses his final blast to destroy both of them.

There is actually a lot of conflict going on between the main characters in Dragonball Super. This is especially true with Goku and Vegeta, who are constantly bickering back and forth. The fights can get tedious and messy at times, but they also provide great entertainment for the entire family. In fact, one of the best features of Dragonball Super is the fantastic soundtrack that accompanies each moment of action. The music helps to build up the exciting moments of each battle.