ed sheeran new song

Ed Sheeran’s New Song – A Cautionary Tale in the Making

Ed Sheeran’s latest single, “Ed Sheeran New Song” is out now on iTunes. The track was made as part of the New Year’s Eve Ballads album which was launched just prior to the Eurovision song contest. The track was used as a joint bid by Sheeran and Grande for the chance to be the first ever Eurovision entry to win the contest. This was a very high achievement for both of them and this track will no doubt encourage UK music fans to buy copies of Sheeran’s debut album.

This song was produced by the band The 1975 and has been recorded by Sheeran himself too. It’s fair to say that Sheeran does not have a big budget when it comes to making an album so he had to get creative and push his team to deliver a great result. It certainly did look as if he was trying to replicate the sounds he made with the Chainsmokers and Kanye West collab “I Don’t Want to Know” but it wasn’t quite there. There were obvious influences from both genres but Sheeran did leave his mark with this track. A fast paced piano ballad with a strong drumline, backed up by some strong vocals, it’s clear that Sheeran wants us to hear his version of New Year’s Eve right now.

“Ed Sheeran New Song” is certainly not your average rock song. Its very different and not what you’d expect from an ED Sheeran single. For instance, verses are rarely used in pop songs these days, so it’s not surprising to see a rock vocalist writing a rock ballad with verses. But Sheeran goes beyond just using verses here and layering on top of them with a powerful bassline. In fact, the song’s central hook is Sheeran recalling the “great lonely nights of his youth”. With a steady drumbeat backed up by some heavy guitar riffs, the song builds anticipation for a massive explosion at the end.

I can think of a few songs where Sheeran builds a large build up to a huge climax and then completely lets go and gives the song over to the rhythm section to build up to another massive climax. Not so here. He builds it steadily but holds it back until you think you’re about to get something major going. You don’t. He then leads into another big drop with a perfectly placed and performed solo and it’s all over.

This is a great example of what makes great pop songs great. It’s rare to see a pop singer who can take something already produced and build on it to where the listener’s imagination has been invoked by the lyrics. Sheeran does that here in spades. He could have chosen to simply make an instrumental’s New Year’s Eve song like ‘All I Really Need is You’ and leave it at that. However, he chose Ed Sheeran’s version and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

The single “Ed Sheeran New Song” doesn’t even feature Sheeran on the microphone, which is strange but appropriate given how versatile this man is. Instead, it’s the work of the entire band of Sheeran/ Yardbirds. And that’s just fine. What you have here is pure awesomeness in a single: it’s a pure rock ballad with fantastic guitar work from Tommy Collar and David Earley-Bathouse, with a terrific second verse from John Entwistle.

You can even sing along with the song too. Its title is taken from Sheeran’s own lyrics: “Ed Sheeran New Song”. So it goes without saying that you’ll be singing the title too, as you do with most of his singles. And the song’s not too short for a single (averaging about three minutes).

Overall, the new song is well done. The production is top notch. The lyrics are catchy and engaging. The music adds a nice little something to the song too. If you like Sheeran’s music, this is a must-listen. And if you don’t, you’ll probably enjoy this wonderfully weird new single too.