lucy 2014

Fairy Book – Lucy the Faerie Princess

It seems that the world of Lucy the Sea Fairy has taken a bit of a twist in the latest novel, Lucy the Sea Princess. Where previous books have featured a modern take on an old fairy tale theme, this one takes things in a different direction entirely. The main characters are now human, although there is still some sea magic occurring. This is part of the story told in the first few chapters, and you get a taste of the setting before the main story begins. I enjoyed this book and recommend it highly to people looking for a lighter, less serious book about sea fairies.

Lily and her friends investigate the disappearance of a pirate ship with a mysterious note attached that reads, “If anything happens on board this vessel – beware. It’s illegal to kill. Not even ghosts can do that.” With that note in hand, Lily and her crew set sail for what appears to be a random destination – but they soon find out that not all of their luck is with them at first. There is a reason why no one seems to know about Lily’s unique abilities.

Lily finds herself magically drawn to a young boy named Zach. Within seconds, he is transformed into a monster like creature who attacks Lily and her friends. Zach is after something called the Key to Success, which hold the power to open many more portals between our world and the fairy world, and Lily must use the magical essence of Zach to open those portals. What follows is a battle that will change Lily’s life forever.

Zach, along with several other fairy-like creatures, including the beautiful Flora, a human who was turned into a fairy by a jealous god, are working together to find the Key to Success so that everyone can have a chance at prosperity. Lily is the main character. Zach and his friends really come into their own though. They are also forced to deal with jealousy and the curious curiosity of humans. At the end of the book you have to wonder what happened to everyone, and where do they go from here?

I found that the plot of this book did not develop very rapidly. The beginning chapters are interesting but do not move much beyond that. The plot quickly goes to the end, and then we come right back in the beginning to start it all up again. For me that’s okay, but some readers may find that it needs a little development on the characters before we get the happy ending that we’ve come to expect. Regardless, this book has a lot of heart.

There are several different settings throughout this book including the early twentieth century in New York City, the Middle East, Australia, and even a mysterious underwater cave in New Zealand. This variety of settings adds depth to the characters and gives us plenty of different scenarios to experience. That’s probably one of the most important things about being a fairy, because you have to adapt to many different environments.

I also liked that Lily and Zach have such similar characteristics. They are both kind and caring and are very adventurous. I think that kids are going to like that. Most children will identify with them and enjoy the book. It will be interesting to see where their story takes them, and I’m sure that they will continue to grow as both characters and as adults.

As a writer, I also noticed that there were some parts in this book that could use a little more explanation. I believe that the illustrations help to illustrate those points, but at the same time, it’s just kind of hard to explain when there isn’t any spoken language. I would recommend this to families and to kids who are into books about fairies and mythology, but it may not be for those who aren’t. If you are a fairy fan, however, this book will not disappoint!