Hallmark auto insurance is a well known name in the insurance industry. However, what many people do not know about Hallmark is that they offer many more options than just collision and comprehensive coverage for their clients. Many consumers choose to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance, but the truth is that these policies do not always provide the customer with the coverage they need. Choosing Hallmark auto insurance, on the other hand, gives customers the chance to purchase additional types of coverage through their company. This is great news for consumers, since almost all drivers need some type of insurance coverage at some point in their lives. One of the many services offered by Hallmark insurance is a free tool that helps drivers find the best rates on their insurance. This tool can be very beneficial to consumers, since it allows them to compare the rates offered by various insurance agents. This allows drivers to easily discern the information offered by an agent, and the extent of which that agent’s services fit a consumer’s needs. A free tool like this one also allows people to learn more about the different types of coverage offered and how that coverage works. An agent’s credentials are crucial when it comes to buying a car insurance policy. Not all agents are created equal, however. To ensure that you are working with an honest and qualified agent, take the time to thoroughly check out his credentials before signing any type of paperwork. A reputable and dependable agent will be licensed with the state, will have an insurance license with the secretary of state, and will have at least five years’ experience dealing with the types of policies required in your state. If you cannot find any of these items on your current agent, you may want to switch to a new Hallmark specialty agent. The second step in shopping around for Hallmark auto insurance is to review the company’s editorial guidelines. Although the company does not require agents to use specific terms or lingo in their advertisements, most readers will expect to see the following: the names of the various companies, the contact information, the rates, and the benefits provided. Reviewing the guidelines can help consumers compare quotes more effectively. For example, many editors prefer that the insurance provider to provide an estimate of their monthly premium in its ad. If they don’t mention it, a reader might assume that the estimate should be provided only after contacting the company. Similarly, many editors prefer that the ads tell the reader at least three insurance providers are being used, so that a potential client can easily choose one. The third step is to examine what types of coverage are offered. Some consumers prefer to focus on the benefits provided, such as discounts for low-mileage drivers, while others prefer to consider the costs of liability coverage and personal injury protection (personally liable for damage or injuries in a motorist accident). Reviewing the various insurance providers’ rates and plans can help consumers determine which policy is best for them. Another thing that consumers need to look for discounts. In addition to discounts for various drivers, such as good grades, multiple car ownership, and insuring more than one vehicle with a company, some insurers give special discounts to students who have attained a certain grade point average. Many auto insurers also offer discounts to drivers who attend defensive driving schools or who have a safety or security pass. Other discounts may be based on customer service, the type of car the driver drives, the age or gender of the driver, or the distance driven. Finally, the auto insurance policy must cover all of the drivers named in the document. When drivers have duplicate names, the policy may not cover them. Some companies use birth dates or date of birth instead. Some states require that drivers provide proof of identity, but many do not. To avoid having duplicate coverage, review the individual policy documents for the names of all named drivers. Hallmark is not the only insurer to offer discounts. There are other companies that offer discounts for various factors, such as having a clean driving history. Many insurance companies require drivers to maintain clean records with certain insurers. When a rental car is provided by a rental car company, the insurance company may require a copy of a driver’s record or they may offer discounts for good driving history.