Leave Me Alone!

The Caldecott Honor Book winner Leave Me Alone! is a captivating tale about a grandmother’s quest to finish her knitting. The grandma meets ravenous bears, obnoxious goats, and aliens, while she is in the process of making a sweater for her grandchildren. Despite the dangers and challenges she faces, she is determined to finish her knitting. Here are five things you must know about the song.

HTIS (Hiding That I’m Sexual)

Meg Myers has recently released a new music video for her single, HTIS. The song has a hook of “hate that I’m sexual.” The video is directed by the edgy and witty Meg Myers, and it features Carmen Vandenberg and Luna Shadows. Listen to the song below. HTIS is a strong song about self-esteem and overcoming one’s inner demons.

Meg Myers is a talented musician who has released two massive hits. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 19 and recorded her first album, Sorry, shortly after. Her second album, HTIS, features a spirited rock ballad, “CHILDREN OF LIGHT II.” The song expresses spiritual growth. In addition, it also highlights Meg Myers’ writing and production skills.

‘HTIS’ has been teased for weeks, with the opening song plastered across social media. While the album’s opening isn’t revolutionary, it does feature a heavy beat and electric guitars. As the song progresses, more layers are introduced. The song’s chorus builds on itself and becomes even more powerful as it gets more layered.

Meg Myers’ debut album, ‘Sorry,’ went on to chart at number 15 on the alternative radio charts. Her track “Desire” was dubbed the female answer to Nine Inch Nails’ hit “Closer.” In addition, her music videos went viral, reaching upwards of nine million views on YouTube. As a result, Myers has received the attention of major label executives.

Children of Light II

Following the release of her debut album, “HTIS,” MEG MYERS has returned with her sophomore album, “Children of Light II.” The uplifting rock ballad features Carmen Vandenberg and Luna Shadows and incorporates elements of rock, pop, and sensual soul into an infectious melody. The result is a powerful album that showcases MEG MYERS’ writing and production skills.

Meg Myers has carved out a niche for herself in the music industry by fusing sound and being in a new way. Through her spiritual awakening, Meg has carved out a new genre of music. Her sound has been dubbed 5D ROCK, and her music videos have racked up upwards of 9 million YouTube views. She is a force to be reckoned with in the alternative rock scene.


The song “Desire for Meg Myers” by Meg Myers is one of her most popular songs, and it is also one of the slowest. The song’s 132 BPM makes it a good choice for a slow tempo as well as half-time. It has a total running time of 4 minutes and 44 seconds. The song is in the key of G and is in a major mode. Its tempo is based on four beats per bar.