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Flight Movie Choices From the Top Flight Attendants on International Airlines

In flight movies have changed dramatically over the years. Not so long ago, passengers would board an airplane, sit back and enjoy a good flick. In the decades that have passed since, those in-flight entertainment options have decidedly changed. Today, passengers are treated to a constant stream of commercial videos and behind the scenes footage from all sorts of media sources. This includes everything from sports events to news reports.

It’s no secret why most airlines offer in-flight entertainment options. While many consider them to be a form of advertising, especially for popular carriers such as Delta Airlines, they are also important elements of passenger safety. The evolution of this technology is one of the most important advancements in safety measures for air travel that airlines have made.

In the 1970s, there were two types of in-flight entertainment. One was called BoEO (which stands for “bone up”) and the other was known as CVR (caution clear). ” Bone up” was the system used by Delta Airlines, which broadcasted live television programming featuring news, weather, and sports highlights. The system worked by piping live television programming directly into the headphones of every passenger in the plane. If a passenger requested something change, for instance, the pilot could make the necessary adjustment without looking at what is going on in the rest of the cabin.

“Curb Traffic” was the name of the other in-flight system which allowed passengers to request upgrades and changes in seating arrangement. Over the course of the ’70s and ’80s, most airlines put in place digital video recorders or CCTV systems. These first in-flight surveillance devices worked by picking up television signals from inside the plane and displaying it on passenger monitors. At the time, many passenger safety advocates opposed the installation of CCTV cameras, fearing that they would give criminals an easy way to foil security systems. However, today most major airlines have already installed most of the required CCTV equipment.

Flight Movie packages are now readily available from most major airlines. Passengers can upgrade from regular seats to executive seats, and there are even packages that provide business-class seating to VIP passengers. Most flight movie packages include a wide screen T.V., two snack trays with sixty pieces of food and drinks, as well as a service for snack and ice packs.

Virgin Australia Airlines, in addition to providing great customer service, offers a variety of flight programs. Among the most popular flight programs are On Air with Steve Allen and Bed And Breakfast With Carol Burnett, and On Board With George Clooney, among others. The selection of movies has expanded as well. Currently, Virgin Australia Airlines offers five movie selections: Intuition, Don’t Call Me Baby, Meet The Parents, Finding Nemo, and The Perfect Score. The company also provides an on board shuttle service to and from the airport. In addition, Virgin Australia Airlines offers a variety of other services to passengers.

Jetstar Asia Pacific, one of the largest in-flight entertainment systems and brands in the country, also offers a variety of in flight entertainment options. Jetstar Asia Pacific in partnership with Skywards is offering The First in Flight Experience, a series of ten films premiering throughout the month of March. Each of these films is directed by an original director, and the movies will explore themes from aviation, technology, firsts, and family. This first in-flight entertainment program will feature favorites such as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and Ice Age.

All of the above mentioned airlines have a variety of flight movie selections currently available to their customers. These movie selections provide passengers with a variety of different choices to entertain themselves while on a flight. Passengers typically have the option of purchasing a movie at the airport or online at the company’s website. However, most passengers prefer to order movies that have already been played back. Many passenger reviews indicate that passengers tend to prefer in-flight movies that have already been played back to them.