The comedy film Ghostbusters is about a group of scientists who lose their jobs and embark on a high-tech battle against the supernatural. The team stumbles upon a portal to another dimension and must use their scientific knowledge to save New York from destruction. You’ll have to see the movie to appreciate how special the effects were, as well as why Ivan Reitman is such a fantastic director. Here are some fun facts about Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters theme song

The Ghostbusters theme song was composed by Ray Parker, Jr. and first released in the first movie in 1984. The song became a hit in 1984, reaching the top of the Billboard chart at number 68. It was re-released as a single in 1985 and reached number one on August 11 of that year. It remained there for three weeks. Today, fans can enjoy a remake of this timeless classic on various video games.

The song’s popularity quickly made it an instant classic, and was accompanied by catchphrases such as “who you gonna call” and “bustin’ makes me feel good.” Ray Parker, Jr. was an R&B artist at the time of its release. He was a friend of Gary LeMel’s, who had played guitar on Barry White’s records. LeMel suggested that Parker, Jr. write a song for the film, and the song was subsequently included in the movie in a 20-second segment at the end of the first library scene.

While the Ghostbusters film was a massive success, its production had a rough time. The team behind the movie’s soundtrack had budget concerns and was in a hurry to get the film out. They approached artists such as Fleetwood Mac singer Lindsey Buckingham and Huey Lewis and the News. Both artists turned down the project, but both bands had already begun working on the Back to the Future soundtrack. The Ghostbusters theme song sparked a great deal of fan activity, and even produced its own cover video.

Special effects

While the visual effects in Ghostbusters are nothing to be jealous of, they are nothing short of extraordinary. While the film was created before CGI was common, it’s impressive regardless of the age. Using the technique that was first developed for the Close Encounters film, the Ghostbusters cloud tank used a 1500 gallon tank with multiple control valves. Regardless of how good the effects were in Ghostbusters, the film still has a strong visual impact.

The actors played slimer and elongated bodies. The actors wore full-body costumes with animatronics in order to create the slimer effect. The actor who portrayed Slimer was John Belushi, who embodied the character. Although the scene in Ghostbusters II with Louis Tully was removed, the animatronic Slimer was redesigned to mimic the late John Belushi’s character. He now appears as the conductor of a ghost train in level two. He wears a bus driver’s hat when offering the ghost ride to Louis Tully.

The Ghostbusters team had to deal with a variety of supernatural creatures, ranging from the spooky “Oogies” to the specters themselves. The film had to be made in an unusual setting to make the most of its special effects, but it was nevertheless a surprisingly successful film. It’s also notable that it’s one of the first comedies to use such elaborate special effects.

Dana and Louis’ transformation into Terror Dogs

The movie begins with doors opening and the apparition of a demon, which is later identified as Zuul. In the kitchen, Dana is trapped in a chair and screams in terror. The terrifying dog then appears in the kitchen and possesses her. Dana and Louis are not only terrorized by this attack, but also by the terrifying demon in their kitchen. This movie combines laughs and scares to create an excellent horror flick.

The Terror Dogs were monstrous dog-like servants of Gozer, lion-sized, hairless quadrupeds with curved horns on their heads. These demonic entities were physical, yet they were also capable of demonic possession. Louis Tully and Dana Barrett were possessed by Zuul and Vinz Clortho. They were unable to resist the terrifying resemblance of these monsters, and the Ghostbusters and others had to stop them before the monsters could make a final impact.

Ghostbusters is a horror movie starring Dana and Louis. The movie has numerous terrifying scenes, from a ghost in a library to the terror dogs roaming the city. In addition, this horror movie features the introduction of the Terror Dogs, a zombie ghost, and an explosive firehouse containment unit. While watching Ghostbusters, you’ll feel as though you are in a haunted house.

Ivan Reitman

Ivan Reitman OC is a Canadian film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for his work in the comedy genre of the 1980s. He is the owner of The Montecito Picture Company, which was founded in 1998. In addition to his acting career, he has produced and written several films. His first feature, Ghostbusters, premiered in 1986. It was the fourth biggest grossing film of all time.

Reitman was born in Slovakia and studied film in Toronto. He was involved in low budget independent film production and directed the low-budget comedies “Cannibal Girls” and “Foxy Lady”. In the 1980s, he produced David Cronenberg’s first two horror movies, “Shivers” and “Rabid.” The latter featured adult superstar Marilyn Chambers. Reitman was responsible for creating some of the most enduring comedies of the decade.

As a child, Reitman was involved in a puppet theater with a cousin. He later performed puppet shows and played folk music in coffee houses. Reitman went on to study drama and music at McMaster University. He then began making movies and television shorts, which were shown in the movie theaters. The Ghostbusters sequel was released in 1992. The film was a major success and earned him several awards, including an Oscar.

Reitman was one of Hollywood’s most prolific directors. His prolific career spanned four decades, and he earned an Oscar nomination for his son’s 2009 dramedy “Up in the Air.” In 2021, Reitman will reunite with his son Jason Reitman for “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife.” The new film will be more of a tribute to Harold Ramis and Reitman than a sequel.

Paul Feig’s reboot

The cast of Paul Feig’s reboot of Ghostbusters has been announced, and it’s filled with some interesting choices. While many of the original characters remain unchanged, the female roles are more interesting. For starters, Feig and McCarthy’s Abby Yates are ambitious, confident, and flaky – a far cry from the character played by Melissa McCarthy in the original film. But as the reboot’s storyline moves forward, this cast may be an asset, not a liability.

The movie’s positive message has been a constant target of critics, and Feig himself has made a point of calling out the negative press that has surrounded it. While the film’s studio suppressed all mention of Kate McKinnon’s character, many original cast members have threatened legal action. However, Feig and his team remain confident in their team, and their chemistry as a team is a big positive.

The new Ghostbusters logo was designed to mimic the original. It’s a nice touch, as the film will feature new characters alongside the original Ghostbusters cast. The Ghostbusters logo, which is based on the original, looks just as good on the new movie. While the film is a modern remake of the classic ghostbusters, the original cast will be making cameo appearances.

Bill Murray

One of the most popular films of all time is Ghostbusters, starring Bill Murray as a scientist who finds the origins of the paranormal. Bill Murray portrays a scientist named Peter Venkman. The character also appears in two sequels, Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters: Afterlife, as well as an animated television series, The Real Ghostbusters. The film is widely considered a classic of sci-fi, and it still holds its own in today’s cinemas.

The first Ghostbusters movie starred Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman, a rogue paranormal expert. He starred alongside Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson as the four ghostbusters who enlist the help of a paranormal investigator to save the world. The sequel, Ghostbusters II, premiered on June 16, 1989. Bill Murray’s character continues to grow as he continues to play the role of Dr. Venkman.

In the sequel, Peter and Dana are reunited in their new relationship. While Peter is smitten with Dana Barrett, she has no idea that his father is the Violinist. Upon seeing the two of them together, Dana becomes a romantic interest to Peter, which makes her question her decision to seek the help of the Ghostbusters. In the process, she discovers that she has been marking the cards herself.