47 meters down

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Shocker-thrillers fans will already be familiar with the premise behind the much-ballyhooed 47 Meters down. Uncaged is actually the second sequel to last year’s 47 Meters Down, an adrenaline-fueled thriller featuring two unlucky tourists in deep water off the coast of Mexico. In the film, two men were separated from their boat and had to make a life-saving journey to the nearest hotel to meet their families. Once there, however, their boat was attacked by a massive shark which quickly leaves them desperate to return to shore. As a result, they are forced to endure the gruesome presence of the sharks, while at the same time trying to survive their own injuries.

The plot sounds simple enough, but the movie becomes truly thrilling once the plot twists in the third act. What makes this thrilling are the split-second moments when the viewer realizes that they are watching two people (and possibly more) dive into an undersea cave system, and one is struggling against a massive wave of water to reach safety. As such many viewers were left in suspense as the actors appeared to be enjoying themselves, yet remaining in serious danger at all times. However, it seems like only a matter of seconds before the actor who was dragged underwater collapses and was fatally injured. This sudden shock will leave the audience in a state of constant worry as they struggle to come to terms with the fact that someone has lost his or her life.

Despite the fact that most of the film takes place within the confines of the submarine, some portions of it take place in an actual location near the location of where the action takes place. As such, some of the locations and events depicted in Uncaged have been lifted from real life incidents. For example, at one point, our lead character, Cutter, is asked to investigate a series of underwater caves that are rumored to contain vengeful spirits. Although he initially believes them to be nothing more than myths, he soon realizes that he must go into the caves to find out for himself. When he is there, however, he is nearly killed by a vicious creature that attacks him while he is there.

Although most of the content in Uncaged has been altered for the big screen, much of what had been shown in the previous versions was faithful to events that had actually occurred. For example, many of us had assumed that the main character, Cutter, was supposed to be an escaped convict who had been taken captive by the sharks. It was later revealed that Cutter was in fact one of America’s best underwater researchers, who had been hired by the government to survey their new ocean research facility near the country’s West Coast. As a result of his findings, he had been asked to join the expedition in order to study the ocean’s newest inhabitants, the mantis shrimp.

It was here, in the laboratories of the lab that he began to witness the first stages of a strange and deadly disease. The lab, it turned out, had been built specifically to attract these fast-swimming creatures in order to study their behavior. Cutter did not know it yet, but he would be required to swim against the currents in the cage sinks to observe the mantis shrimp in their natural habitat. Unbeknownst to him, he would also be required to dive into the cages for further exploration.

When Uncaged was released, it quickly became a smash hit with both audiences and media outlets, with the director following up on the success with a follow-up film, The Great White Shark. Although the second film failed to achieve the commercial and critical success of its predecessor, it still managed to rake in great reviews from both audiences and media outlets. One movie, however, which was not released in theaters during its release, would prove to be the eventual downfall of 47 meters down. This film, called Transference, would be viewed by audiences worldwide, with some viewers upset at the content due to its bloody, explicit scenes and bloody shark attacks.

Despite the controversies, neither the studio nor the director was able to protect their film. Shortly after its release, Universal Pictures acquired the rights to release The Great White Shark on the big screen, replacing it with a much bloodier version of the original story. Although this new version did not receive the same reception as the original, the film nevertheless saw its fair share of box office success, bringing in over four hundred million dollars in ticket sales worldwide.

As uncaged enters theaters, there is only one way to determine whether or not it will become one of the best horror film experiences you have ever had. Get your tickets now! If you like what you see, you are likely to enjoy The Great White Shark. But if you haven’t seen the original, this is definitely the time to do so. You can start with the trailers for the movie to see how it looks like when it finally hits the big screen. Until then, get your tickets for 47 meters down now.