Six Month Car Insurance is more expensive than standard insurance but may be affordable depending upon your situation. This type of insurance lasts for six months after your last policy expires and will not automatically renew due to continuous coverage from other providers. You can also look into a twelve-month insurance plan, which may offer a lower premium but may be more expensive in the long run. It’s important to look over all of your options before deciding on the right plan.

6 month car insurance

The first step is shopping around for the best prices on six-month auto insurance. There are a few different ways to get these quotes, and there are even websites that will provide several different quotes for you at once. The most convenient method is to shop for auto insurance companies online, through an aggregator, or through independent brokerages. Each of these has different methods of gathering quotes and presenting them to you. Some companies do all of the work for you, gathering quotes from multiple auto insurance companies and presenting you with a comparison chart.

You can use one or more of the aggregators to gather quotes for comparison, too. They may ask you for personal information upfront, and then they will give you the quotes at the conclusion of the process. The aggregators will charge you a fee to receive the quotes, but it’s usually very minimal. The three top auto insurance rates for six-month coverage are provided below.

The first quote is from Progressive. They have the lowest premiums among all of the providers of this type of coverage. Their prices are comparable to other companies of this type of coverage, but their premiums are based on a slightly higher age limit. If you are a young driver, you’ll save money on your premiums. You’ll pay less for a larger deductible and you’ll get twice the amount of coverage in the form of liability. Their payment for a twelve month policy is also very low.

The second quote, we’re going to look at is from Nationwide. They are cheaper than Progressive, especially if you have a perfect driving record and a safe vehicle. Their monthly premium rate is also very low. Their annual policy premium rate is a little bit higher, but their coverage is a little less.

The final one is from GEICO. They rank near the bottom for auto insurance coverage for 6 months. The monthly premium rate is very high, however, because their deductibles are so high. Annual payments will be a little bit higher and they don’t provide any additional safety features. Their customer service is abysmal.

The average price of these auto insurance policies comes out to be about the same. They rank fairly close in value, but they vary from insurer to insurer. Many insurers will give discounts to good drivers, and other drivers with clean driving records. This information is available on their websites. The disadvantage to these insurers is that their premiums are very high and their deductibles are very low.

Once you have decided on which insurer is the best, you need to make sure your coverage is current and up to date. In many states, this is not a legal requirement, so you need to check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Be sure to change your address records as well to prevent becoming re-insured. Lastly, if you can, please avoid purchasing an extended warranty from any company you do business with. This is a mistake that can cost you thousands over the course of your lifetime!