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There are many great quotes in the It movie, so let’s take a look at a few of them. The first line of the movie says that It takes the form of a leper and is nearly choking Eddie. The second line states that it has a heart that’s small enough to suffocate Eddie. The Losers kill It by crushing the heart of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It is a gruesome film, and we will never forget this moment!

The Loser’s Club

The Losers Club is a group of misfit kids in Derry, Maine, who are the main protagonists of Stephen King’s horror movie It. They first formed in the summer of 1958 and were reunited in 1985, when It took the form of deceased Belch. The Losers’ quest for revenge leads them to the sewers where It lives. Their mission is to kill It before it can kill them. The group is led by Henry Bowers, who mistakenly stabs himself. Eddie, Mike, and Ben fight back, and finally, the Losers Club escape.

The Losers’ Club meets regularly for meetings, and Beverly Marsh (played by Tim Curry) soon joins after being bullied for rumored promiscuity. The club also befriends orphan Mike Hanlon (Anthony DeMille). The Loser’s Club has encountered terrifying manifestations in its past, including a headless undead boy (Ben), a diseased leper named Eddie, a rotting clown, paintings that come alive, and the phantom of Georgie.

As the story progresses, the Losers begin to forget about IT and Derry. After all, they have grown up, and the ghost of Georgie has visited them. In the meantime, they have grown apart, and the Losers must now reunite with each other. It’s not only Beverly and Bill who decide to leave the club, but Richie as well. While Bill and Beverly are the first to leave, the Losers also have to deal with their lost friend, Georgie.


The new voice of Pennywise in the IT movie is absolutely fantastic. His voice is deliberate, saucy, and holds on to his words longer than necessary. From the first time we hear him hold out his boat to Georgie’s repeated “It,” it’s no surprise that his voice is now among the top tier of movie monster voices. Not only does this voice remind us of the Candyman and Babadook, but it also brings a new dimension to the character.

It’s also interesting to note that Pennywise is the only Stephen King villain still alive! In the first movie, Pennywise is a human, but he was corrupted by It, which incorporated his shape into the monster file cabinet. However, in the second film, Pennywise’s form appears in a photograph of children from the Ironworks Easter hunt. While it’s not mentioned in the book, this appearance of Pennywise is reminiscent of many real life clowns.

The movie is filled with spooky moments, including Pennywise’s face on a graffiti mural in an alleyway. He isn’t present when the Losers first arrive, but his face is visible when Mike takes cover in the alley. He is also visible in a painting of the first settlers of Derry. Also, he can be seen on the front of a Derry Canal Days Festival and Fun House poster.

Demonic Beverly

There are many aspects of this film that make it a mediocre horror flick. The plot is monotonous, but the gore is welcome, including a splattery ‘face-peel’, an impressive impalement, and a crazy decapitation by train. But this movie falls short in terms of atmosphere, and its nonsensical narrative leaves a lot to be desired. The movie also has a’surprise’ ending, with Beverly revealing her virginity and killing her classmates.

The first film had a great climax, and The Demonic Beverly in It is no exception. This movie follows the story of Beverly, a young girl who has been chosen by Satan as his bride since she was a baby. However, her virginity was stolen by a missionary monk in the 11th century, thereby making her unfit to serve Satan. However, a book that her mother had left behind is the key to unlock the mystery of her disappearance. However, as the movie progresses, Beverly’s appearance changes and she returns to her family looking and acting older than she did before she was abducted.

In the second film, the Demonic Beverly fears the onset of puberty and becoming a woman. This fear is related to her father’s violent behavior, especially his constant questioning, “Are you still my little girl?” This question implies a sense of sexual abuse and makes her feel unsafe. This makes the movie a cautionary tale about sexual abuse. The story also deals with the relationship between a mother and her daughter.


In the It movie, Seth Green plays the role of Richie Tozier, the main character of the novel by Stephen King. He also starred in a 1990 television miniseries, as well as the 2017 and 2019 versions of the film. He is known for his over-the-top performance, as well as his humorous persona. The book’s most memorable scene is the confrontation between Richie and Pennywise, which occurs in a public library.

In the IT movie, Richie’s homosexuality plays a crucial role in his character arc. A vile hate crime against a gay couple is shown in the opening sequence, and it is revealed how unwelcoming the Maine town is for the LGBTQ+ community. Richie, who is a closet-bound gay boy, eventually finds fame and fortune as a stand-up comedian. Although it is a shock, his sexuality and relationship with Eddie have been speculated since before the first IT movie.

Later in the film, Richie finds the body of his friend Georgie and runs off to the Well House to escape. As he runs, he catches his breath on a bench near the giant Paul Bunyan statue. Richie then runs back to the Well House and finds that the statue is on a podium, swinging an ax at Richie. After his brother died, Richie and the other Losers finally defeat It, but not before the statue has already killed him.


In this sequel, Eddie from it movie is forced to go undercover. The leper uses his ability to manipulate him by making him believe that he will catch every disease that exists. The leper’s body contains every disease, illness, and infection imaginable. However, it is not as easy as it looks. The film follows Eddie as he tries to save his family. The film is very funny, and you’ll want to watch the movie in its entirety to fully understand the plot.

The movie starts with Eddie in an alley and the rest of the group is gathered together there. After the first encounter with IT, the group is reunited and Richie goes in search of the monster. He is able to capture IT and kill him. The second sequel focuses on the group as they struggle to stop it. It is the most popular horror movie in history and has become one of the most successful movies of all time.

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The Losers’ reaction to IT

Last night, Warner Bros. released a ten-minute teaser trailer for IT. Although the full trailer will not be released for a few days, the clips provided give fans a glimpse of what to expect from the film. The Losers Club, Pennywise, and the other members of the Losers Club are depicted. While the trailer shows off the cast’s awkward moments, it lacks direction and does not capitalize on either side of the coin.