happy birthday piano

Happy Birthday Piano Instructions

Happy Birthday is an excellent piece for beginners to learn how to play on the piano as you will get lots of enjoyment playing it in various social occasions and leading people at singing it together with your loved ones. I have now put together 2 separate arrangements of Happy Birthday piano songs which you can learn and play from scratch at your own comfort level. The first is a song which opens up a special day that will be enjoyed by everyone; it is “Happy Birthday To You” by Bette Midler.

This is a wonderful arrangement of music which is simple to learn and play at the happy birthday piano. It starts off with a slow minor chords section followed by some major C major Chord progressions which finishes off with a touch of a Spanish chord. For this arrangement you will need a piano, a CD or an MP3 player to load the music to your computer. If you are using a CD to remember to make sure that the music is free to listen to online otherwise your children might find something offensive.

The second arrangement is called “A Boy Loves A Girl” and focuses on a romantic melody with a major chord. It also has minor chords and a blues progression. “Happy Birthday To You” works in the same way as the first but uses a blues based melody and a minor key signature. To listen to the arrangement use the easy tabs feature found in tab sheets.

The final free song suggestion I will use for this article is “sheet music for a jingle”. This is an arrangement of a jingle for a car. The song is “Commerce” by The Flowers. To listen to this piece right now simply search for sheet music on iTunes and you will find it. To get started with this arrangement just highlight the word commerce in the iTunes menu bar. Once there click the button titled “Create Sheet Music”

In this example we have a simple version of a car commercial where a girl asks her boy friend, “Where have you been?” to which her friend replies, “Oh I’ve been shopping.” The girl then says “You know what? I’ve got a car.” and then the two friends play a quick jingle on their piano.

Now we need to go back to our happy birthday piano arrangement and remove the sheet music for the car commercial. Instead of just adding a blank line for the car commercial simply remove the lyrics and add a g minor and a minor chord. By doing so you will hear that a G chord will sound a lot like a C chord when you play it in the Key of C. By playing this chord the melody and rhythm changes to a more C major. Finally remove the original d7 starting on a C and substitute it with a dsharp.

This happy birthday piano arrangement is just one exercise. There are plenty of chord melody exercises that you can use with your piano keyboard to teach yourself how to build your chord melody library. The process is actually very similar to learning how to read sheet music – start with the easier songs first. Once you’re able to memorize the names of the chords (A, G, D and F) you can move on to harder songs. Just be sure not to neglect the basic notes: C, D, A, and E.

After learning how to play a piano piece by ear you should start putting your notes into your piano’s memory bank. Every time you play a note on your piano, keep a memory book that has all the notes that you played along with the name of the song and the key signature. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can add these notes into your collection!