“insurers near me, rate quotes fast and easy.” That’s the common belief of home insurance buyers these days. They want the ease of getting multiple quotes without having to talk to a salesperson. “Rates are easy to get from insurance companies near me, I can’t do anything else.” But those who have been shopping for home insurance for any length of time know that it’s not that simple at all. Getting the best coverage for the best price takes some time and effort.

home insurance companies near me

Get the Facts “Insurance companies are in the business of making a profit. They have to if they’re going to stay in business. That means they’ll try to beat each other’s rates to stay in business. That means you’ll have to shop around. If you don’t, you may not end up with the very best home insurance companies near me.”

Independent Insurance Agencies “If you shop around and compare rates from at least three different home insurance companies, you’ll have the best chance of finding the very best home insurance companies near you. An in-home business is one that sells insurance to homeowners. You won’t find an independent insurance agency advertising online. They don’t advertise much at all.

Homeowners Associations “A homeowners association is simply an organization of people who own a home and, more importantly, all the homeowners in a certain area. A homeowners association can be formed for several reasons. To enjoy certain benefits of being a homeowner in a certain area. To make homeowners insurance prices lower. Even to encourage home renovation.”

NAR National Association of Insurance Agents and Brokers “The National Association of Insurance Agents and Brokers (NAR) has been around for over 150 years providing valuable information and assistance to consumers seeking the services of insurance agents and brokers. Whether you are interested in buying insurance or selling insurance, the National Association of Insurance Agents and Brokers can help you through every step of the process. Their website offers listings of insurance companies that are members of the association. They also provide a directory of insurance brokers, agents and sales representatives that are members of the association. All of this information is provided free of charge. So, you know if they are the best home insurance companies near me by visiting their website.”

Insurance Brokers “An insurance broker is an individual who sells home insurance. A number of insurance agents work in conjunction with one another. In addition to selling home insurance policies, insurance brokers to obtain new business through referrals from other insurance agents. When it comes to choosing the best home insurance companies near me, an insurance agent is often my first suggestion.” – Karen Smith, President of Smith Insurance in Layman, TX

Insurance Directories “An insurance directory is a compilation of vital information on various aspects of life insurance such as providers, coverage and rates. It includes basic rates along with discounts available for different circumstances. By providing a central place to gather information on home insurance companies, insurance directories offer potential savings to buyers.” – Dave Barry, National Insurance Guide

Websites and Forums “There are many websites devoted to home insurance companies. These sites provide useful information about coverages, companies and discounts available. Some sites also provide ratings and comments from real customers. Forums give you an opportunity to get first hand information from people just like you.”

Yellow Pages and Mailing Lists “I always check out my local telephone directory when looking for a home insurance company. I have a very simple listing: name, phone number, address. Occasionally I will find physical addresses or some other information. Sometimes, I will simply receive a blank listing, but that seldom helps. Using this method rarely gives me any tangible results.”

Directories and Other Sources “Books and articles abound on home insurance topics. While these sources are useful, I sometimes prefer more direct information from people who have used home insurance services. Directly contacting a local home insurance company is one way I’ve found information about home insurance companies near me.”

Of course, I use several other resources when trying to locate home insurance companies near me. However, these are two of the most valuable and time-saving methods I use. I would recommend that you consider researching companies by using either or both methods. Good luck!