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Home Loan Bank List – How to Get a List of Approved Banks

Fannie Mae is one of the largest home loan originators in the US with a number of sub-agents and affiliates throughout the country. For a comprehensive list of free articles discussing the federal home loan bank systems, visit Fannie mae, Freddy k, and Fannie mac: Home Buyer’s Guide to the Mortgage Banking System. This promotes community responsibility by banks and borrowers through the affiliation. The authors’ websites are listed at the end of this article.

Fannie Mae is a government organization that governs the mortgage business, providing housing loans to US citizens and helping them find homes. Fannie Mae guarantees loans to its customers based on their ability to repay on time. Fannie Mae also supervises home loans made by banks, acting as a clearing house for the origination and servicing of home loans. It determines loan qualification and interest rates. The agency has home loans for all sizes, from single family residences to multifamily properties. The agency offers many home loan programs to stimulate the real estate market and strengthen the economy.

The website gives out information and home loan interest rates of many sub-prime lenders. It gives an estimate of monthly home loan payments, taking into consideration down payment and closing costs. It provides a complete list of information on different home loans. Users can even apply for home loans online using an online application form.

The list contains information on various types of Fannie Mae home loans. It discusses options such as adjustable rate mortgages (ARM), interest-only and fixed rate mortgages. It provides an in-depth analysis on the pros and cons of both sub prime home loans. It lists various Fannie Mae supported home loans such as: Franklin home loan, Countrywide loan, GMAC home loan, mortgage banking loan, mortgage refinancing loan, mortgage loan from Fannie Mae, and home equity lines of credit (HELOC). The website also discusses various tips and strategies to help home buyers get the best home loan deals and best interest rates.

In spite of being the third largest home loan bank in the US, the kotak mahindra bank does not list its home loans on its website. However, it is believed that the bank does have various home loan programs. The rates offered by the kotak mahindra bank may be lower than other subprime lenders. Most importantly, buyers need to conduct a thorough research and comparison among various home loan lenders before deciding on the home loan with the best home loan interest rates and program.

The federal government’s direct cash help for home loan borrowers was approved in February 2008. The Housing and Urban Development secretary, Tim Kaine, said that the plan will help those families that are in real need of homes and want to apply for a loan as soon as possible. But initially, only borrowers who are homeowners could apply for direct federal housing loan; later, the scope of the program was widened to include real estate investors, commercial property owners, rental property owners, and owner-occupied homeowners. The plan is popular among middle-class Americans because they can take advantage of the tax breaks and low down payment mortgage loans that come with this plan.

The US government’s direct lending programs to the home owner are also popular among home loan bank customers. There is a wide variety of housing loan banks and financial institutions such as commercial banks, credit unions, savings and loans, home equity companies, mortgage banks, thrift associations, and insurance companies. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right bank; these include the terms and conditions, interest rates, loan amount, credit requirements, and closing costs. When comparing home loan banks and financial institutions, it is best to have a fixed set of criteria to judge their performance.

A list of home loan banks is available from a variety of sources. While most people prefer to rely on the web, there are still many other options to get an up to date financial bank list. There are books that you can order from libraries, community organizations, or by contacting local banks directly. A home owner can also request an online home loan bank list from financial institutions that offer mortgage services. Most of these services charge fees for the information.