Hotel Transylvania 2 is a satirical sequel to the beloved horror comedy. The sequel follows Mavis and Johnny, two vampires who have a young son named Dennis. It takes place seven years after the original film, and the main character, Jonathan, is not a vampire. Instead, he’s a human. When his father unexpectedly shows up, Dracula forces him to become a vampire.

hotel transylvania 2

In the sequel to Hotel Transylvania, Dennis and his new human grandson, Jonathan, fall in love. While they’re not really vampires, Dennis is a vampire and doesn’t know any better. When Drac learns that his grandson isn’t showing any signs of vampirery, he enlists his monster friends to put him through boot camp. During boot camp, he reveals his true nature and becomes even more confused about his human appearance.

The story is similar to the first movie, with the same characters and plot. The titular gang and the vampire’s parents are still the same, as is the bloody dinner. The gang is still the same, and the CG animation is a great choice. The cast includes Adam Sandler as the 539-year-old Dracula, Keegan-Michael Key as Murray, and Megan Mullally as Linda Loughran. The voice talent for this sequel includes Kevin O’Dowd, Rob Riggle, and Melissa McBride.

The plot of Hotel Transylvania 2 is more familiar than it was in the first film. Once again, a human-vampry duo finds themselves trapped in an ominous castle. This time, however, humans are the guests of choice. While the first film was a delight, Hotel Transylvania 2 is no less entertaining. The recurring characters are mostly uninteresting, but the visual aspect is a welcome change.

The movie follows Mavis and her son Dennis, a vampire-human child. Mavis and Johnny are separated by the horror-themed wedding. During the ceremony, Mavis and Johnny marry in Hotel Transylvania. But, the two don’t realize that their son is a vampire-human hybrid. Both of them are killed by firemen. Thankfully, the slaying of Drac is stopped, and their love is reunited.

During the movie, Drac gets a surprise visit from an old-school dad, Mel Brooks. Dennis is worried about his half-human grandson Dennis, and he enlists his friends to train him. The vampires open up Hotel Transylvania to humans, but not the human ones. This is a movie about the love of family, and it is fun for all ages.

The film begins with the slaying of Johnny, whose daughter is in danger of being turned into a vampire. She is enraged by her father’s plan to kill Johnny with a stake. The couple decide to raise Dennis in Transylvania. Mavis and Johnny then take her daughter to California, where she meets her future husband. The movie continues in this way until she returns to the original hotel.

Drac and his friends also show up in the movie, which is a continuation of the first film. Drac is the father of the titular character, and his son, Dennis, and Mavis are married. The two characters meet for the first time in a real-life setting. During the wedding, Drac tells Mavis that Dennis will grow fangs and become a vampire. After Mavis is convinced that her son will become a vampire, he warns her to go to a party with him.

Mavis gives birth to a baby boy, Dennis. He is not a vampire, and his parents are horrified when they find out he is pregnant. Drac then hurls Dennis from the unstable tower, where he learns that he learned to control his vampire powers at camp. Mavis transforms into a bat and flees to California. The children’s parents try to help him, but Mavis and Johnny’s actions lead to a bloody end.

The characters fight to protect Mavis from the evil Dracula. Mavis tells him that she can’t fly far because she is pregnant, but she tries to convince her to let Johnny go with him. Mavis and Johnny are both scared of Dracula and try to keep him safe. They get winded playing hide-and-seek. The movie is not a sappy movie, but it’s a fun time with a funny ending.